BLAZING 8GB Secure Digital SDHC Memory Card for Select Canon Powershot / G Series & EOS Digital Cameras The Fast & Reliable Memory Solution for Your Digital Camera , Camcorder or Other Devices that Support SD HC ( High Speed / Class 4/6 ) ** Includes Micro Fiber Cloth **
From Accessory Power

Brand: Accessory Power

memory card I bought this for my cannon camera and it works great. I received it very fast after ordering and am very satisfied with it.


Dane-Elec 8 GB CompactFlash Memory Card DA-CF-8192-R

Compact Flash 8Gb
Brand: Dane-Elec Model: DA-CF-8192-R Dimensions: 5.00" h x .50" w x 5.50" l, .10 pounds

Works like a charm I purchased this card because of the storage size and the price. So far, I have not been disappointed with it at all. I shoot in JPG format and I can take pictures as fast as I want with no problems. This card is a great addition to my tech toys. I strongly suggest it. "Labeled and sold as a 8 GB Compact flash card. However formats to 1.9 GB only AVOID!!!!!!!" "Labeled and sold as a 8 GB Compact flash card. However formats to 1.9 GB only AVOID!!!!!!!"


Transcend - Flash memory card ( microSD to SD/mini SD adapters included ) - 2 GB - microSD

Tiny size, better performance and impressively fast data transfer speeds, make Transcend's microSD cards the perfect choice of Memory Card for use in the next generation of mobile phones.
Brand: Transcend Model: TS2GUSD-2 Platform: Windows Format: CD Dimensions: .4" h x .59" w x .43" l, .0 pounds Memory: 2GB

memory for my Sansa My micro sd 2gb memory card works great. The adaptors that came with it were a blessing, I had not thought about how I was going to load songs onto it, but the adaptors made it a snap. Unfortunatly, my Sansa take's a couple min to read the card every time I turn it on. Works with Canon HG10 and AT&T Tilt I can move still pictures back and forth from my Canon HG10 HD Video Camera (Mini SD) and my AT&T Tilt (Micro SD) No problems so far. Works great, except one eensy thing. This product is 2 gigs of greatness. The only reason I didn't give it that extra star is this fact: It does not want to work in multiple devices. For example, I saved some songs on it from my phone. Next. I attempted to use it in my camera, via the adapter. The adapter part worked fine, but my camera wanted to reformat it (erase all the data). So I am only limited to my phone.


Viking 64 MB MultiMedia Card
From Viking Components

Viking's extensive experience in modular subsystem design and manufacturing provides innovative, state-of-the-art and industry standard memory and communications technologies. The company's advanced design and manufacturing capabilities offer superior assembly, test, programming, and deployment solutions for all modular subsystem product needs.
Size: 64 MB Brand: Viking Model: MMC64M Dimensions: 1.38" h x .14" w x 5.25" l, .8 pounds
Viking Components Go to the Memory Finder to see a listing of the digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players, photo printers, or other products that are guaranteed compatible with this Viking product. The Memory Finder contains an up-to-date list of the devices that work with this memory. Benefits of Adding Flash Memory Increased Speed: With a larger flash card you will spend less time transferring files to or from your computer or laptop and more time taking pictures with your digital camera, listening to music on your digital audio player, or storing more information on your PDA. Increased Power: Increasing the memory storage for your digital camera, PDA, or MP3 player will enable you to do more with a device. For example, if you are taking pictures on your digital camera using the highest resolution and highest quality setting, an image taken from a 2-megapixel camera can be as large as 6 MB. This can eat up storage space quickly, so it's easy to see the benefits of increasing your device's flash memory. Guaranteed Compatibility It is important to purchase memory that is guaranteed to be compatible with a device because of the many subtle differences between the hundreds of different brands, types, and configurations of digital devices on the market. A product that accepts one particular brand or capacity of memory does not necessarily accept another brand or capacity--and there's nothing more frustrating than buying something you can't use. Because compatibility is so critically important, Amazon has forged a strategic relationship with Viking Components to create the Memory Finder. The Memory Finder is a tool that can help you find memory that works with your specific product, taking the guesswork out of buying memory. Quality Products Viking Components physically tests their flash cards with hundreds of devices including laptops, PDAs, digital audio players, and digital cameras. When you purchase a Viking flash card, you can be assured that it will perform flawlessly with your specific device. Furthermore, Viking uses only the highest quality components to manufacture their flash memory, which results in fast, reliable, durable flash products. Viking Components has its own registered ISO 9000 certified facilities. ISO 9000 is a family of standards approved by the International Standards Organization that provide a framework for quality management and quality assurance. ISO authorized and accredited registrars frequently visit our ISO 9000 facilities to perform internal quality audits to verify that all quality activities comply with documented procedures and to measure the effectiveness of Viking's quality systems, including the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources for implementing quality management. Viking has established and maintains documented procedures for handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery of product to ensure the highest quality and complete standardization compliance during each process. Viking's ISO 9000 certification guarantees that Viking's quality processes and standards conform to specific requirements to ensure consistency of product for customers worldwide. Superb Service Since 1988, Viking has built customer loyalty and long-term partnerships as the industry leader in customer service. As a result, when you purchase this item you can expect the industry's best customer service policies including: a 5-year replacement warranty, guaranteed product compatibility, 24/7 toll free technical support, a liberal returns policy, and a 24-hour replacement policy in the unlikely event of a Viking product failure. If you have any further questions about this product, please feel free to send an e-mail to:
Viking 64 MB MultiMediaCard I bought four of the Viking 64 MB Multimedia cards for my Compaq IPAQ (a portable MP3 player). Each worked flawlessly. They performed as well as the San Disk 32 MB cards shipped with the IPAQ mp3 player, but the Viking card had twice the memory capacity. Could be better.... The 64 MB multimedia card is fantastic. Small size, weight, secure file transfers, rips up Compact Flash. Compact Flash's little golden rods sticking out of the back can degrade over time. MMC is perfect. If buying for an MP3 player, it NEVER skips like a compact flash will. MMC is the future. It may nto be big now, but wait until it storms in from asia. and you know where all of your electronics were made right! excellent! i bought a 16mb version and a 64mb and both work flawlessly in my jamcam 3.0 and in my mp3 player! And with the money you'll save buying these vs the scandisk model, you can but an xtra card and have that much more memory! great product!


SanDisk Extreme IV - Flash memory card - 16 GB - CompactFlash (SDCFX4016G904)
From SanDisk

Finally, a card that can keep up with you! With a blindingly fast read/write speed of up to 45MB/second and a remarkably rugged design, the SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash memory card takes digital photography to a whole new level. No wonder professional photographers around the world have made SanDisk their preferred choice for high performance, reliability, and proven durability.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDCFX4-016G-902 Dimensions: 1.63" h x 5.28" w x 5.28" l, .17 pounds

Fast, Sturdy Card. SanDisk's Reputation is Well-Earned. This is my first 16GB card. Previously I have stuck with cards no larger than 8GB, mainly because they are easier on the wallet (though the argument can be made that the 16GB cards are cheaper per GB) and because I am uncomfortable with such a large number of photos being housed on one card. Even with the 5D Mark II RAW files, we're talking 500-600 photos on a card, and with a single failure all of those photos could be gone. I don't mind carrying around a few more cards if I can minimize the lost data if this ever happens to me. But between a few Extreme III 8GB's, some Ultra II 8GB's, a couple of Lexar Pro 300x 8GB's, and a handful of Extreme III and Ultra II's between 256MB and 2GB, I have not had a single failure on any card yet, knock on wood. And I was about to embark on a photo-heavy trip with the 5D Mark II, so I ordered the 16GB before my flight, to add to my existing stash. This is a seriously fast card. As has been mentioned, according to the testing done by Rob Galbraith this is the fastest 16GB CF card out there, tied with the Lexar Pro 16GB in RAW transfer speed, and 1MB/sec faster than the Lexar in JPEG transfer speed. It tests slightly faster than my pair of Lexar Pro 300x 8GB cards in RAW transfer, but in real-world terms there is no noticeable difference. If you're upgrading from Extreme III's, you'll notice the difference: it's on the order of a 25% speed increase. Upgrading from the Ultra II's? That's somewhere around a 350% speed increase over the 8GB Ultra II!! If you can afford it, get it. You won't be disappointed. It works. It is fast. As of this writing, the fastest Compact Flash card on the market. It enables just about two photos per second using 5D Marks II in RAW + JPEG mode after the internal buffer has been exhausted. Great product It reads very quick. I can get 800+ RAW shots on my full frame camera with the 16gb card. I can do continuous shots just as fast in RAW as I would in JPEG. Make sure you get the sandisk extreme reader as well, the one that can read 45mb/s.

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