SanDisk 8GB/15MB Ultra II CF Card ( SDCFH-008G-A11, US Retail Package )
From SanDisk

SanDisk Ultra II memory cards feature faster performance, greater storage capacities, and better dependability, so you can get the most from your investment in a feature-rich, high-quality digital camera or camcorder

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: SanDisk
  • Model: SDCFH-008G-A11
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 7.00" h x 5.00" w x .57" l, .22 pounds

The new SanDisk Ultra II CompactFlash memory card has a minimum sustained write speed of 9 megabytes (MB) per second and a read speed of 10MB per second. Get faster speed for all the things you do. In the fast-paced world of Digital Photography, you rely on your camera and its capabilities. You also rely on your CompactFlash card to be fast, reliable and compatible with your camera.

SanDisk Ultra II CompactFlash cards are ideal for your most demanding photo shoots, including photojournalism and event, sports, nature and fashion photography.

Features and Benefits

  • A minimum sustained write speed of 9MB per second and a read speed of 10MB per second
  • High-density flash memory and optimized controller technology lets you save large image files faster
  • Low power consumption, which means longer battery life.
  • Type I format
  • Ready for rapid-fire shooting

Huge, Fast and Reliable5
I am very fond of my Sandisk cards.
I also have a Sandisk 4.0 GB Extreme card, and did an interesting comparison. I held a recording time race between Ultra and Extreme, here in my livingroom. Recording a big buffer full of photos in multiple trials, the recording times were identical. The more expensive Extreme was no faster than this card. In my case, the recording rate has to be limited by my camera, a Nikon 8800.
Having a reliable card as large as 8.0 GB is very helpful.
My cards have traveled to Alaska, Mexico, and Ecuador, and have had to function in all sorts of conditions. They have recorded 100,000+ photos, each of which I desperately did not want to loose. I back them up as often as I can, but I still worry, and I have lost photos when other cards failed.
I am pleased to say I have never lost a photo from a Sandisk card - in spite of the abuse I put them through.
Last week I filled up my Sandisk Ultra II 8.0 GB with important photos - carefully staged photos of butterfly specimens at the California Academy of Sciences. I worked 12 hours a day for 8 days on this project. The card behaved as it always has, and every single one of the 2400 photos I took, made it home safely.
Do back your cards up often, but from experience I can say that I have a very, very favorable impression of this card.

Great Card for the money5
This is the best value in an 8 gig card. I've bought a couple super fast generic cards and they are slooooow. False advertizing. I will stick to name brands. I'm using this in a Nikon D2X and D200 and the card is plenty fast. It will empty a full buffer of 25 raw images in one minute, plenty fast for me. Faster brand name cards might be faster but more money. For me this is the right balance of speed and cost.

great chip5
i shoot water pics in raw with a nikon d200. i have used this card over 25 times, about 200 gb added and deleted with no prblems. i am very happy with it. i might get a extreme 3 or 4 for quicker speed but this extreme 2 is excellent for quality and durability.

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