Compact Flash Reader Writer

SIIG CE-000042-S1 -- Easily add a CompactFlash card reader/writer to ExpressCard equipped systems. Quickly and easily adds a fully functional CompactFlash memory card reader/writer to ExpressCard/54 equipped notebook desktop computer systems, Compact design sits flush within the systems ExpressCard slot.

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #6857 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: SIIG
  • Model: CE-000042-S1
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD
  • Dimensions: .14 pounds

Does the job3
Just received this and tested it. It fits flush with the side of my laptop, so I plan to just leave it in all the time. When you have a CF card plugged in, it sticks out about 3/4 of an inch- makes it easy to pull out, but you probably wouldn't want to leave the CF card in all the time. Vista's built-in drivers load within seconds of plugging it in, and add a new removable disk drive to the system even if there's no CF card in. Transfers to and from my Extreme III CF card average around 15MB/s, a big improvement to the old PCMCIA adapter I was using. There's even a little plastic cover that protects the CF pins (you can see it in the picture), and slides back into the body when you push a CF card in. I've never had bent pins in a CF drive, but its a nice thought nonetheless. My only complaint is that it's a little tricky to get the CF card aligned properly when you're pushing it in, especially when this is already in your computer and you're trying to plug in the card by touch. It's not perfect, but it does the job I bought it for.

Macbook Pro Owners beware4
This is no doubt a fine product. But, I just learned the hard way that there's more than one ExpressCard format. Who knew? When I was young we had PCM-CIA cards and there was one size. Now there's this new fangled deal and it comes in a variety of sizes. This device is an ExpressCard/54. My Macbook Pro is looking for an Expresscard/34. Make sure you're getting the right one for you needs.

Couldn't be better... well, almost5
I purchased this adapter for my Dell laptop with Vista.
It was plug & play in the simplest form, just stick it into the expresscard slot and you're ready to go.

Transfer speed is much faster than than my USB reader and now I don't have to remember to bring the thing when I travel!
This little gizmo just lives in the laptop.

The only very slight disappointment is that the edge of the reader sticks out about 1mm from the edge of the slot.
I would have liked it better if it were flush but I don't see it as being a problem.


A-DATA 32 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card 32GSDHC6 (Blue)
From A-Data USA

The Best Choice for High-end Digital Devices! To save every precious, valuable and romantic moment, you may purchase high resolution digital camera, digital camcorder, or other high-end devices. However, normal Secure Digital Cards (SD Cards) on the market today may not let you capture these moments because of slow read/write speed. Slow read/write speed may cause lag time between shots and result in missing the opportunity to record some of your finest memories. This A-DATA Turbo SDHC Memory Card (Class 6), rated a Class 6 performance card which means the card has a guaranteed write speed of at least 6MB/s, will reduce time between shots. For those high-end digital devices users, A-DATA Turbo SDHC Memory Card (Class 6) will ensure you capture every “picture-perfect” moment!

  • Size: 32 GB
  • Color: Blue
  • Brand: A-DATA
  • Model: 32GSDHC6
  • Dimensions: 4.90" h x .50" w x 3.20" l, .5 pounds

Speed grade may not be correct2
Watch out! May be inferior product. I got a speed grade class 2 (slow) even though package says class 6 (fast).

I bought two of these A-DATA 16GB Turbo SDHC "Class 6" memory cards for my Canon Vixia HF-100 camcorder. I put them in (one at a time -duh) and the HF-100 reports one card as CLASS 6 -Yeah!, but the other as CLASS 2 -Boo!

A real disappointment for me as the HF-100 needs class 4 or better to record in FXP mode. I get a nasty popup on the view finder "Class 2 memory. Cannot record in FXP mode". Bummer!

I can't help but throw in the specutation on how they are able to get such a great cost and beat the competition: buy reducing quality, accepting more marginal parts in their test programs, and use tier II foundaries. There are lots of ways to cut cost in production, but in the end it comes to quality. I am certain that every part that leaves the factory is tested, that is normally how semiconductors are fabricated, so why then did the part I receive not meet spec? Surely it must be because the parts are marginal and they are not testing all corner cases. Certainly companies like SanDisk who have a much broader business at risk would not risk lowering quality standards to achieve short profit gains.

In conclusion, if you want a 16GB part and are willing to take some risk on performance (speed/integrity) this might be the part for you.

If you absolutely need Class 6, and cannot be bothered to ship things back when they don't work - like me, or are very concerned about data integrity, you may want to go with a more well known supplier who has an established qualty record and name to uphold.

I should rate this product a 1 because of the performance issues, but in the end I was able to use the slower speed part in my Casio Exilim EX-Z1050 camera and it works ok there (no speed grade requirement on that camera). So I manage to salvage a bad situation.

Now I am going to order another 16GB card. This time I will try Transcend. Ha! No they are not SanDisk! But the HF-100 recognized a Transcend 8GB card I had laying around as a class 6, so maybe the 16GB will be ok too. I know I am taking some risk with Transcend too, but I just can't bring myself to fork out the dough for SanDisk. After I loose all my vacation videos and pics I may reconsider my penny pinching tactics though -we'll see.

Update: the two Transcend 16GB parts were recognized my the HF-100 just fine

Big Things Come IN Small Packages5
It really takes a lot to impress me but this little card really does the job. I bought it to use with my new Creative Zen player and it is great. Fast access and readily accepted by both my player and card reader. Not a problem to be had and yes it is value for the money.

Most likely will buy a couple more in the near future

Does the job in flash memory digital camcorder5
I was a little nervous buying an unfamiliar brand of SD card (this one is manufactured in Taiwan). But the results were good! My new camcorder (Canon VIXIA HF100 Flash Memory High Definition Camcorder with 12x Optical Image Stabilized Zoom) requires a class 4 SDHC card or higher (this card is rated as class 6) and it works great. No need to spend more...


Sony 16 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Flash Memory Card MSMT16G
From Sony

Ideal media for capturing video on most of all 2008 Handycam camcorder models

  • Size: 16 GB
  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model: MSMT16G
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.00" h x 1.00" w x 6.00" l, .0 pounds
  • Memory: 128000MB DRAM
  • Hard Disk: 1GB

Sony Memory Pro Duo II - Fast But Expensive Memory for Your Sony Devices4

Even though I have been slowly weaning myself off of the newer Sony cameras, I still have some Sony devices that need memory pro duo cards. There are some advantages and a few disadvantages, namely the cost and availability. Sony's memory format averages 30 to 100 percent higher prices for the same capacity of SDHC cards. While that sucks, if you have a Sony Camera or a PSP there's not much you can do about it.

To that point, both the new Sony Cybershot DSCT300 Digital Camera and upcoming PSP God of War Entertainment Pack will benefit from any of these memory cards. Both of those devices, along with most Sony devices for that matter are only comaptible with the memory duo platform.

But like I said, if you need one of these cards, there are some advantages especially if you get a Mark II card. Namely, the performance speed of the mark II format is about 50% higher than the fastest available SDHC card at the moment. The rating is for 36 MB/s and what I've seen through some basic tests seems to indicate real performance close to this. In fact, the solid performance has to be the biggest pro for these cards. So while it sucks to have little choice, when you factor in the premium performance it's easier to swallow.

The 2 and 4 GB cards are a better value than larger capacity ones right now. Sometimes you want the largest card you can get, but till the 8 and 16 GB cards come down I see no reason to buy them. Not to mention, this isn't for my primary camera but for an older one that I use as a backup.

Make sure your device is compatible with the card. Some older electronics aren't compatible with larger capacities, although in general Sony has been better with making these guys backward compatible than others.

It's always a good idea to have several extra cards on hand just in case. This 4 GB card is a nice performer. If you have a high capacity camera (10 Megapixels or more) and are storing videos or RAW images, the extra cash for the 8GB card may be worth it if the price is right. Or you may want to step up to the larger 16 GB size that is now available. But if you wait a little longer you can save yourself some cash. I have to take off at least 1 star for value, but in terms of performance I couldn't be happier.


Works Great With PSP5
This 16GB Memory Stick Duo II card works great with the PSP portable gaming system. It comes pre-formatted, so all you have to do is stick it into your PSP and go. In fact, there is a picture of the PSP right on the packaging.

The usable space on this device is actually 14.9 GB, however.

The "Mark2" certification on the card has to do with higher writing speed requirements and indicates the memory is certified to operate with AVCHD recording products.

Bought this for my PSP5
This is currently the only available 16GB Memory Stick. I bought it for my Playstation Portable in order to replace an 8GB Memory Stick.
Regarding the price you can easily argue that it is much cheaper to buy two 8GB Memory Sticks. And for any person who is concerned about spending money I would not recommend this product.
At the time I bought it, Amazon was offering the best price online. Regarding the fact that this Memory Stick is about $50 more expensive than the PSP itself, makes you think twice. But my sole purpose was that I wanted to keep things together: my music, videos and saved games etc.
This Memory Stick is large enough to satisfy my thirst for disc space with a single solution.

The Memory Stick works fine in my PSP. Before this one I used a Sandisk 8GB Memory Stick Pro Ultra and I cannot see a difference in read/write speed (while connected through USB to my PC).

Final thoughts:
If you are concerned about spending money and you can live with more than one MS for your gadgets, you should get two or more 8GB MS. If you want a single solution and price is of no matter, get this one. Since it is from Sony you can be sure it works with your MS-enabled gadgets.

- high capacity
- read/write speed is up to par with other (higher ranked) memory sticks (using the PSP USB connection!)

- not cheap

5 out of 5 stars; simply because the price does not matter to me

(My guess is that the price will drop to about $150 once other manufactures offer similar capacity.)


Lexar SD2GB-133-381E 2GB Professional 133x Secure Digital

Lexar 2GB Professional 133x Secure Digital

  • Brand: Lexar
  • Model: SD2GB-133-381E
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: .13" h x 1.69" w x 1.43" l, .5 pounds

Works perfectly every time5
There's not much to say about Lexar memory cards - they perform as advertised at the speed claimed, and they do so reliably month after month. Lexar cards never have given me any errors or issues, and I purchased my first one 10 years ago.

To be fair, SanDisk and Sony also are reliable. But Lexar consistently has been the performance leader.

You can purchase this card without worry or regret. Even if the price drops a little, two weeks later. We obsess about price when I believe we should obsess about quality and performance. At least, that's my approach to technology.

Lexar is the one5
All capture/memory cards are not created equal, Lexar brand stands behind their products and is always my first choice.

Lexar SD2GB-133-professional secure digital5
I purchased this and also a 1 gb card to use in my new Canon xsi digital camera. Like Lexar products for their recycling time.


EMTEC 4 GB Micro SD Card 60X with Adapter
From Dexxxon Digital Storage, Inc. dba Emtec Electronics

Reliable and ultra-fast, EMTEC Micro-SD Memory Cards are used in PDAs, Smart Phones and any other devices that support Micro-SD technology. EMTEC Micro-SD Memory Cards are available in capacities ranging from 2GB to 16GB and include an adapter to convert you Micro-SD Card to standard SD Card format. A protective plastic case is also included to keep your SD Card safe when not in use.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Emtec
  • Model: EKMSDM4GB60XHC
  • Dimensions: .35" h x 1.69" w x 2.13" l, 1.00 pounds

Manufacturer Product Description

Great design and peace of mind, at a price you can afford: that is EMTEC's mission. EMTEC prides itself on a 70-year history of creating innovative products that embody our spirit: to capture, protect and share the most valuable moments of daily life. Whatever the technology or media, EMTEC commits to providing hassle-free, secure and stylish solutions that make technology easy to use and satisfying to the consumer. Style and attitude are part of the EMTEC brand values. Our products are not only smart - their sexy, intuitive designs reflect the modern lifestyle you choose when you make the purchase.

Reliable, Ultra-Fast Memory
EMTEC Micro SD memory cards are used in digital cameras, PDAs, Smart Phones, MP3 players and all other devices that support Micro SD technology. Micro SD cards are available in 2GB to 16GB capacities.

Secure and Stylish
In today's digital world, consumers are creative and demand advanced technologies to express themselves. EMTEC answers the call by providing a wide range of memory products, including Compact Flash, SD cards and Micro SD cards. From a 4GB Micro SD card to a 32GB SD card to USB Card Readers, there is an EMTEC product for everyone.

  • 4 GB capacity
  • Includes SD adapter
  • Class 4 High Capacity Micro SD Card
  • Approximate card dimensions: 15 x 11 x 1 mm (L x W x D)
  • Read speed: up to 7 MB/s
  • Write speed: up to 4 MB/s
  • Compatible with any device supporting Micro SD Flash technology
  • 5 year warranty

What's in the Box
Micro SD Memory Card with Adapter

I can use this memory card in all my small instruments. Camera, photo printer, computer, etc.


SanDisk 16GB Extreme Pro CF memory card - UDMA 90MB/s 600x (SDCFXP-016G-A91, US Retail Package)
From SanDisk

Now there's a memory card fast enough to keep up with your advanced DSLR: SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash card. With lightning-fast (up to 90 MB/s write) speed, you'll be able to capture more continuous burst shooting - and get the most out of your Professional digital SLR camera. And with up to 64GB of storage, you'll be ready for more RAW+JPEG and high-def video, too.SanDisk engineered its Power Core Controller to take whatever your camera's buffer can dish out. By distributing image data across the card more rapidly and efficiently, this card delivers professional performance

  • Brand: SanDisk
  • Model: Pro
  • Dimensions: .57" h x 4.50" w x 6.75" l, .11 pounds


Sandisk 8GB SDHC Memory Card (SDSDB-8192, Bulk Package)
From SanDisk

The SDHC memory card is a highly secure stamp-sized flash memory card, which can be used in a variety of digital products: digital music players, cellular phones, handheld PCs (HPCs), digital cameras, digital video camcorders, smart phones, car navigation systems and electronic books, that follows the SD 2.00 specifications. The SDHC card has a security feature for protection of copyrighted data.

  • Brand: SanDisk
  • Model: SDSDB-8192-BULK
  • Dimensions: .40" h x 4.80" w x 5.90" l, .2 pounds

Great Class 2 card, but make sure you have an SDHC reader.3
Please note that this is a Class 2 card (Class 6 is the current "top of the line"). Class 2 transfers two mega-thingies per second rather than the six mega-thingies per second for Class 6 cards.

This transfer rate is fine for most devices, but takes 3 times as long to copy files back and forth from your computer.

Please also note that older card readers are not able to handle SDHC (HC stands for "High Capacity"). Some card readers are good for only 1 GB, some go up to 2 GB or 4 GB, but only the latest generations are capable of 8 GB.

Lastly, if you are using Windows XP, you may need to either add Service Pack 3 or add a patch before the high capacity card can be recognized by your system.

I recommend adding the patch rather than SP3. Some things haven't been working quite right since I installed the latest service pack from Microsoft - you may not wish to take that chance...

Sandisk 8GB SD Memory Card Works Well5
This memory card from Sandisk works just as expected. The quality of the pictures loses nothing and yet the amount of photos stored is immense!

Note: Be aware that not every digital camera has the capability to read memory cards above a certain ceiling (my Canon Powershot SD630 can only read memory cards up to 2gb), so make sure your camera is capable.

I use this memory card for my Canon Powershot G7. With the shooting function on Manual, recording pixels at M1 (2816x2112, enough quality for an 8x10 printout), compression at Superfine, I can take a max of 1915 photos or 64'50" of video at 1024 High Resolution. At around $50, this is a good price, although I'm sure in 10 years we'll have 1tb memory cards for the same inexpensive price and this comment will be scoffed at for being sooo from the '00's.

I'd recommend this product to anyone who will be traveling for an extensive time and won't have the chance to dock to a computer and upload their pictures.

Lots of Memory for My Camera5
8GB is more than enough for my Canon PowerShot. I recently went to New York City for vacation and took more than 250 plus pics with the best pixel quality the camera could provide and still had more than enough memory left. Highly recommend this product. You don't need to carry any extra memory.


PNY Optima Pro UDMA 8 GB 266x CompactFlash Memory Card P-CF8GB-266W-DVDC
From PNY

PNY`s Optima Pro UDMA CompactFlash cards perform at a substantially higher sustained write speed than standard CompactFlash cards. The result? Reduced click-to-click time so you won`t miss any of the action! PNY Optima Pro UDMA cards are expressly created for high-end UDMA mode digital SLR cameras that can maximize their performance with this improved technology. Let PNY Optima Pro UDMA CompactFlash help you get the most out of your equipment.

  • Size: 8 GB
  • Brand: PNY
  • Model: P-CF8GB-266W-DVDC
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 7.13" h x 1.00" w x 5.00" l, .24 pounds

Great alternative to the hoodsman line5
Bought 2 of these and just tried them out today. Great write speed on my 5d2, especially with the large + raw. Highly recommend this and the price point is good as well.

National Geographic5
bought a sony a200 for my wife. needed a compact flash card. with alittle research i found out there are a bunch to choose from. also found out that they come in different speeds (read and write). the PNY is used by nat. geo. photogs. and seems to be the fastest out there. easy choice when your camera can take 6 frames a sec.

Buy it!5
This card is fantastic. FYI, PNY is made in Japan rather than in China, and the Japanese are famous for quality control. I have a wonderful friend who is an electrical engineer with several patents on his wall, and he tells me that he and his engineering buddies don't and won't buy any cards but PNY, because they're familiar with the fabrication testing and requirements of the company. You won't be sorry if you buy this card - it's big, fast, and performs flawlessly for both the video and hi-demand still functions of my Canon 5D mark II.


Kingston Mobility Kit - 8 GB microSDHC Flash Memory Card with SD and miniSD Adapters + USB 2.0 Reader MBLY/8GB (Black)
From Kingston Digital, Inc.

This all-in-one media kit combines a single card with dual adapters and a USB card reader to give mobile users the compatible storage they need for all SD and USB-compatible devices, including mobile phones, digital cameras, notebooks, media players and more. By offering three adapters with the microSD card as the centerpiece, users get the most versatile mobile gear. The card seamlessly converts to a Secure Digital (SD), miniSD or USB format that can be used across devices to easily move photos, music, videos or data to your camera, mobile phone or computer. Ultra-portable and multifunctional ¿ Use the microSD card alone for plenty of removable storage for music, games, ring tones, photos, movies and other applications on mobile phones. ¿ Slip the microSD card into the miniSD adapter and transform it into a miniSD storage card to expand storage on personal media players, smartphones or MP3 players. ¿ Capture photos from your digital camera by making the microSD a full-size SD card with the adapter and then view images with SD-enabled readers or USB drives, digital photo frames or on your TV¿s SD slot. ¿ Quickly and easily save files on a notebook computer with a full-size SD slot when the SD adapter is used with the microSD card. The kits are available with a stylish black USB microSD card reader and either a 1GB microSD card, 4GB microSDHC or 8GB microSDHC card or a red card reader combined with a 2GB microSD card. And with the included keychain, you can hang it from your phone for the one bundle solution to complement your mobile lifestyle. The kits are backed by a two-year warranty on the reader, a lifetime warranty on the microSD card, and legendary Kingston reliability, service and support. Store your entire mobile life ¿ photos, songs, text messages, video clips and personal information on your microSD card, then work with it across device platforms seamlessly with the versatile Kingston Multi-Kit/Mobility Kit at your fingertips.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Kingston
  • Model: MBLY/8GB
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: .30" h x 1.29" w x .60" l, .15 pounds
  • Hard Disk: 8GB

Handy Product5
Having multiple personal data devices from Cell Phones using the Micro SD format, MP3 Players and cameras using the Mini and full-size SD format, and a new HD Camcorder using the Full size SDHC format, I was looking for a solution that could handle all three formats. This does that nearly perfectly. Would have been perfect if the USB MicroSDHC reader could read the larger Mini and Full size SD formats but that's a minor issue. What you get is a small carrying case for the 8GB Micro SDHC Class 4 chip that also carries the included separate adapters to read that chip in either Full Size SDHC or Mini SDHC or USB 2.0 format. The USB adapter doesn't fit in the included case and doesn't have a cover for the USB port itself but does have a cover for the Micro SDHC Chip. I'd recommend checking for lint/dirt regularly in the USB socket if you're going to attach the USB reader to something you carry in a pocket via the included and assembled short attachment string with ring for a keychain. The string is about 4cm in length. The attachment ring has an approximate 7mm inside diameter and is a typical keychain 2 turn coil of spring wire so it can be attached like a normal keyfob device or perhaps to the carrying strap of a typical Point and Shoot digital camera.
The 8GB microSDHC chip, placed in the Full-Size SDHC adapter, works in My Canon HF100 Camcorder.
Overall a handy little product at a reasonable price that gives me a lot of versatility in dealing with my family's many portable memory devices.

Tiny but Complete4
Overall, a great micro drive with the best USB reader I've seen; but I do have two wishes. They may be small wishes (not involved with the operational aspects of the micro drive), they would help with the day-to-day usefulness.
I bought this 8G micro flash drive for my new phone. I've used the USB drive to download music to it and then played the music on my phone. I've also loaded photos and songs with it installed in my phone using the USB cable that comes with the phone. Both work very well.
I will say that it is small as all micro flash drives are. The small lip on the end is all that makes it possible to get it into the slot in my phone and back out (see my wish below). Likewise, the USB reader takes nibble fingers but that's the nature of using a micro drive. I actually like the small USB drive because it makes it easy to carry it around in my book bag.
I wish two things:
The cover slides off and is held in place by the ring on the end of a string. It will still work if the string breaks and the cover gets lost, but this could be designed a little better - even a more sturdy string would help. My other wish is that the lip on the end of the micro were a little easier to grab with your fingernail; it feels a little to round.

Overheats and kills itself1
I got one of these and quickly noticed that it got quite hot when using it. Sure enough, it died within a couple months, having only been used a few times.


26-in-1 Card Reader - Muliple cards are read with this Card Reader - SD, Compact Flash, Mini SD, etc.
From Professional Cables

26-in-1 Card Reader - Muliple cards are read with this Card Reader - SD, Compact Flash, Mini SD, etc.

  • Brand: Professional Cables


SanDisk 8GB Ultra 15MB/s SDHC SD Card Class 4 (SDSDH-008G-P36, Retail Packaging)
From SanDisk

If speed is your thing the SanDisk Ultra SDHC is the card for you. Custom designed for today's serious photographers, this high capacity card makes transferring data from digital camera to your PC a breeze. Shoot wherever you want, the rugged design can take it. In fact, we're so sure the it will match you shot-for-shot each and every time you get a limited lifetime warranty

  • Brand: SanDisk
  • Model: SDSDRH-008G-P36

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