BLAZING 8GB Secure Digital SDHC Memory Card for Select Canon Powershot / G Series & EOS Digital Cameras The Fast & Reliable Memory Solution for Your Digital Camera , Camcorder or Other Devices that Support SD HC ( High Speed / Class 4/6 ) ** Includes Micro Fiber Cloth **
From Accessory Power

Brand: Accessory Power

memory card I bought this for my cannon camera and it works great. I received it very fast after ordering and am very satisfied with it.


Dane-Elec 8 GB CompactFlash Memory Card DA-CF-8192-R

Compact Flash 8Gb
Brand: Dane-Elec Model: DA-CF-8192-R Dimensions: 5.00" h x .50" w x 5.50" l, .10 pounds

Works like a charm I purchased this card because of the storage size and the price. So far, I have not been disappointed with it at all. I shoot in JPG format and I can take pictures as fast as I want with no problems. This card is a great addition to my tech toys. I strongly suggest it. "Labeled and sold as a 8 GB Compact flash card. However formats to 1.9 GB only AVOID!!!!!!!" "Labeled and sold as a 8 GB Compact flash card. However formats to 1.9 GB only AVOID!!!!!!!"


Transcend - Flash memory card ( microSD to SD/mini SD adapters included ) - 2 GB - microSD

Tiny size, better performance and impressively fast data transfer speeds, make Transcend's microSD cards the perfect choice of Memory Card for use in the next generation of mobile phones.
Brand: Transcend Model: TS2GUSD-2 Platform: Windows Format: CD Dimensions: .4" h x .59" w x .43" l, .0 pounds Memory: 2GB

memory for my Sansa My micro sd 2gb memory card works great. The adaptors that came with it were a blessing, I had not thought about how I was going to load songs onto it, but the adaptors made it a snap. Unfortunatly, my Sansa take's a couple min to read the card every time I turn it on. Works with Canon HG10 and AT&T Tilt I can move still pictures back and forth from my Canon HG10 HD Video Camera (Mini SD) and my AT&T Tilt (Micro SD) No problems so far. Works great, except one eensy thing. This product is 2 gigs of greatness. The only reason I didn't give it that extra star is this fact: It does not want to work in multiple devices. For example, I saved some songs on it from my phone. Next. I attempted to use it in my camera, via the adapter. The adapter part worked fine, but my camera wanted to reformat it (erase all the data). So I am only limited to my phone.


Viking 64 MB MultiMedia Card
From Viking Components

Viking's extensive experience in modular subsystem design and manufacturing provides innovative, state-of-the-art and industry standard memory and communications technologies. The company's advanced design and manufacturing capabilities offer superior assembly, test, programming, and deployment solutions for all modular subsystem product needs.
Size: 64 MB Brand: Viking Model: MMC64M Dimensions: 1.38" h x .14" w x 5.25" l, .8 pounds
Viking Components Go to the Memory Finder to see a listing of the digital cameras, PDAs, MP3 players, photo printers, or other products that are guaranteed compatible with this Viking product. The Memory Finder contains an up-to-date list of the devices that work with this memory. Benefits of Adding Flash Memory Increased Speed: With a larger flash card you will spend less time transferring files to or from your computer or laptop and more time taking pictures with your digital camera, listening to music on your digital audio player, or storing more information on your PDA. Increased Power: Increasing the memory storage for your digital camera, PDA, or MP3 player will enable you to do more with a device. For example, if you are taking pictures on your digital camera using the highest resolution and highest quality setting, an image taken from a 2-megapixel camera can be as large as 6 MB. This can eat up storage space quickly, so it's easy to see the benefits of increasing your device's flash memory. Guaranteed Compatibility It is important to purchase memory that is guaranteed to be compatible with a device because of the many subtle differences between the hundreds of different brands, types, and configurations of digital devices on the market. A product that accepts one particular brand or capacity of memory does not necessarily accept another brand or capacity--and there's nothing more frustrating than buying something you can't use. Because compatibility is so critically important, Amazon has forged a strategic relationship with Viking Components to create the Memory Finder. The Memory Finder is a tool that can help you find memory that works with your specific product, taking the guesswork out of buying memory. Quality Products Viking Components physically tests their flash cards with hundreds of devices including laptops, PDAs, digital audio players, and digital cameras. When you purchase a Viking flash card, you can be assured that it will perform flawlessly with your specific device. Furthermore, Viking uses only the highest quality components to manufacture their flash memory, which results in fast, reliable, durable flash products. Viking Components has its own registered ISO 9000 certified facilities. ISO 9000 is a family of standards approved by the International Standards Organization that provide a framework for quality management and quality assurance. ISO authorized and accredited registrars frequently visit our ISO 9000 facilities to perform internal quality audits to verify that all quality activities comply with documented procedures and to measure the effectiveness of Viking's quality systems, including the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures, processes and resources for implementing quality management. Viking has established and maintains documented procedures for handling, storage, packaging, preservation and delivery of product to ensure the highest quality and complete standardization compliance during each process. Viking's ISO 9000 certification guarantees that Viking's quality processes and standards conform to specific requirements to ensure consistency of product for customers worldwide. Superb Service Since 1988, Viking has built customer loyalty and long-term partnerships as the industry leader in customer service. As a result, when you purchase this item you can expect the industry's best customer service policies including: a 5-year replacement warranty, guaranteed product compatibility, 24/7 toll free technical support, a liberal returns policy, and a 24-hour replacement policy in the unlikely event of a Viking product failure. If you have any further questions about this product, please feel free to send an e-mail to:
Viking 64 MB MultiMediaCard I bought four of the Viking 64 MB Multimedia cards for my Compaq IPAQ (a portable MP3 player). Each worked flawlessly. They performed as well as the San Disk 32 MB cards shipped with the IPAQ mp3 player, but the Viking card had twice the memory capacity. Could be better.... The 64 MB multimedia card is fantastic. Small size, weight, secure file transfers, rips up Compact Flash. Compact Flash's little golden rods sticking out of the back can degrade over time. MMC is perfect. If buying for an MP3 player, it NEVER skips like a compact flash will. MMC is the future. It may nto be big now, but wait until it storms in from asia. and you know where all of your electronics were made right! excellent! i bought a 16mb version and a 64mb and both work flawlessly in my jamcam 3.0 and in my mp3 player! And with the money you'll save buying these vs the scandisk model, you can but an xtra card and have that much more memory! great product!


SanDisk Extreme IV - Flash memory card - 16 GB - CompactFlash (SDCFX4016G904)
From SanDisk

Finally, a card that can keep up with you! With a blindingly fast read/write speed of up to 45MB/second and a remarkably rugged design, the SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash memory card takes digital photography to a whole new level. No wonder professional photographers around the world have made SanDisk their preferred choice for high performance, reliability, and proven durability.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDCFX4-016G-902 Dimensions: 1.63" h x 5.28" w x 5.28" l, .17 pounds

Fast, Sturdy Card. SanDisk's Reputation is Well-Earned. This is my first 16GB card. Previously I have stuck with cards no larger than 8GB, mainly because they are easier on the wallet (though the argument can be made that the 16GB cards are cheaper per GB) and because I am uncomfortable with such a large number of photos being housed on one card. Even with the 5D Mark II RAW files, we're talking 500-600 photos on a card, and with a single failure all of those photos could be gone. I don't mind carrying around a few more cards if I can minimize the lost data if this ever happens to me. But between a few Extreme III 8GB's, some Ultra II 8GB's, a couple of Lexar Pro 300x 8GB's, and a handful of Extreme III and Ultra II's between 256MB and 2GB, I have not had a single failure on any card yet, knock on wood. And I was about to embark on a photo-heavy trip with the 5D Mark II, so I ordered the 16GB before my flight, to add to my existing stash. This is a seriously fast card. As has been mentioned, according to the testing done by Rob Galbraith this is the fastest 16GB CF card out there, tied with the Lexar Pro 16GB in RAW transfer speed, and 1MB/sec faster than the Lexar in JPEG transfer speed. It tests slightly faster than my pair of Lexar Pro 300x 8GB cards in RAW transfer, but in real-world terms there is no noticeable difference. If you're upgrading from Extreme III's, you'll notice the difference: it's on the order of a 25% speed increase. Upgrading from the Ultra II's? That's somewhere around a 350% speed increase over the 8GB Ultra II!! If you can afford it, get it. You won't be disappointed. It works. It is fast. As of this writing, the fastest Compact Flash card on the market. It enables just about two photos per second using 5D Marks II in RAW + JPEG mode after the internal buffer has been exhausted. Great product It reads very quick. I can get 800+ RAW shots on my full frame camera with the 16gb card. I can do continuous shots just as fast in RAW as I would in JPEG. Make sure you get the sandisk extreme reader as well, the one that can read 45mb/s.


2GB Kingston Mini Secure Digital Sd Memory Card
From Kingston

Rely on Kingston's miniSD cards to maximize the performance of your feature-rich mobile device. Easy to handle, these cards are an exceptional boost to the latest mobile phones, PDAs, MP3s, digital cameras and other devices that can benefit from additional storage capacity.
Brand: Kingston

Good card -- poor adapter We are currently deploying 50+ PDA Phones that use miniSD cards. After buying 5-6 Kingston cards of various capacities, I've now had 2 of the SD adapters that do not work, right out of the box. Regardless of the position of the 'lock' switch on the adapter, my system tells me that the media is write protected. After the first bad adapter I called Kingston and they gladly replaced it but it took about a week to arrive and I'm in Southern California, just like Kingston. Works great! No problems! Works great- for a lower cost card! I use these all the time :)


A-DATA MICRO SD 1GB with Micro Reader (microSD+USB interface)
From Adams New Media

Designed for microSD, the most popular card type used on mobile phones, A-DATA now gives you the tiniest microSD card reader on the market! With its unique USB interface, the A-DATA micro Reader can be used directly as USB reader. Once you insert the card into the Reader, the data can be promptly transferred between devices through its USB interface. A-DATA micro Reader is a revolutionary product, which equipped with convenience and smart features that can meet all users' enquiries and upgrade our digital lives.
Amazon Sales Rank: #68675 in Consumer Electronics Brand: A-DATA Model: microSD 1G+microReader Dimensions: .7" h x .47" w x .87" l, .0 pounds

Tiny, fast, durable, and hard to get out of the case. Still one of the top-five smallest drives on the market, faster than any other MicroSD drive that I've used so far, and both drive and case are remarkably durable and capable of surviving for some time on a keychain. The case, by the way, is made of a gummy rubber which clings to its contents, so make sure you don't insert it card-first or the card will come out and get stuck inside. This DOES improve over time, but if you need fast or frequent access to your drive you should look at one of the models with a built-in sheathe that simply slides over the USB connector. It's also evidently true that Amazon's stock is entirely hot pink, so don't buy this model if you're straight, male, and insecure. Great Product but it's PINK Don't make the same mistake I did. This reader is super tiny, barely larger than the micro sd card. However, it seems amazon only carries the pink version.


Kingston 4GB Micro-SD Card With SD and Mini-SD Adapters - Retail Package
From Kingston

The 4GB micro-SD Memory Kit from Kingston provides a single product with multiple adapters to be used in any SD, mini-SD or micro-SD slot in any SDHD-compatible device. The micro-SD Memory Kit provides a flexible solution for mobile users who need a card for multiple SD devices. This kit allows one product to be the solution for any SD, mini-SD or micro-SD based phone or device. Easily transfer, save, and enjoy your favorite content across multiple SD based devices with one card. Easy side-loading - On computers with full SD slots, you can side-load digital content by using the included SD adapter
Brand: Kingston Dimensions: .50 pounds Memory: 2GB Unknown Native resolution: 0

AWESOME DEAL! Purchased for cell phone, which plays music and videos - needed storage media for those downloads. Very impressed with the price! Also, great shipping time. Thanks. great The adapters work fine with the card, and the card works great! They came in two holders (one holder with the card and one adapter and the other holder with the 2nd adapter) not the holder that holds all three, as pictured, but everything came, everything works. Excellent Purchase My brother is a cellphone guru. He's wanted an adapter that can hold a lot of music and pictures but wouldn't break the bank. I purchased this adapter for him and he loves it! Very excellent price for all that you get!


Patriot Signature 8 GB MicroSDHC Class 4 with Adapters PSF4GMCSDHC4
From Patriot Memory (Direct)

Patriot Signature Flash microSDHC Memory Card is designed to offer a convenient memory upgrade solution for mobile phones, digital cameras, digital music players and other devices that feature a microSDHC or full size Secure Digital High Capacity slot. It’s plug-n-play feature offer users easy installation and convenience. All microSDHC 3P product lines include 2 adapters which convert the microSDHC card into a full size miniSDHC and SDHC card.
Brand: Patriot Model: PSF4GMCSDHC43P Dimensions: 6.61" h x .63" w x 2.09" l, .4 pounds

Works well in my Moto Q9C Bought this for the mini-SDHC adapter. Works pretty well in my Moto Q9c. Haven't noticed any lag beyond the normal Windows Mobile interface. Also have used the regular adapter to plug into my media card reader on my Vista and XP desktops with no problems.


Lexar Media CF256-231 256MB Compactflash 4X (Retail Package)

Professionals know that a single image can be more valuable than all their equipment combined. To risk losing an award-winning image because of a hard disk failure or breakdown is unacceptable. Lexar Media CompactFlash solid-state design provides the ultimate reliability in harsh shooting environments, mandated by professionals throughout the world. And with built-in USB functionality you can quickly transfer your large images to your computer quickly and easily - up to 25 times faster than a serial cable connection - providing you more shooting time. You also save camera battery life by eliminating inconvenient tethered downloads.The Digital Film Compliance seal assures you that your Lexar Media digital film is 100% compatible with your CompactFlash digital camera. It can also be used in all other digital devices that support the CompactFlash format, such as PDAs, Video recorders, and MP3 players. All Lexar Media CompactFlash meets the CompactFlash Association's specifications and is marked with the CF+ symbol.
Brand: Lexar Model: CF256-231 Dimensions: 5.00" h x 2.00" w x 7.00" l, .15 pounds

Well worth buying I bought this same type of a CF card and took it on a trip, i took over 358 pictures and it never even filled up 75% of the space , i had to change my batteries about 6 times, i use the E/2 batts they are great but expensive.I highly recommend this product..


SanDisk Ultra Compact Flash 2GB Card (SDCFH-002G-A11) (Retail Package)
From SanDisk

In the fast-paced world of Digital Photography, you rely on your camera and its capabilities. You also rely on your CompactFlash card to be fast, reliable and compatible with your camera. To meet the needs of professional and advanced photographers, SanDisk has developed new, optimized CompactFlash cards that have a minimum sustained write speed of 9MB per second and a read speed of 10MB per second, take advantage of the advanced features of high mega-pixel digital cameras, deliver superior speed. Now you can capture those high-resolution images even faster! Do it all with low power consumption, which means longer battery life. SanDisk Ultra II CompactFlash cards are ideal for your most demanding photo shoots, including photojournalism and event, sports, nature and fashion photography. All CF cards from SanDisk are Type I format, including SanDisk Ultra II CompactFlash cards.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDCFH-002G-A11 Format: Compact Flash Original language: English Dimensions: .50" h x 4.80" w x 6.70" l, .50 pounds
SanDisk Ultra® II CompactFlash® 2 GB Memory Card Catch whatever life throws your way There’s never a dull moment—or at least it feels that way—when you can shoot and transfer photos and videos like the pros. That means capturing and sharing all your favorite photo and video opps with a SanDisk Ultra® II memory card. It’s so fast, you’re always ready for the next shot, plus so rugged that environmental conditions will never hold you back. With SanDisk Ultra® II memory cards available in CompactFlash® and SD™ formats, and superior speeds that let you transfer from your camera to computer in a snap, you’re ready to go where the shot takes you. Video is the new photo Only video tells the whole story. So get the larger capacity SanDisk Ultra® II SD cards that give you plenty of room to keep on shooting. Larger capacities, like 8 GB or 16 GB are the perfect way to shoot more video on your point-and-shoot camera. Maximize your camera’s performance Keep shooting without fear of running out of space Get dependable performance every time Don’t come up short, store more photos and videos * 15MB/s Read, 9MB/s Write. Based on internal testing with TestMetrix; performance may be lower depending upon host device. 1 megabyte (MB) = 1 million bytes. ** 1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage. *** Excludes Germany and other regions which do not recognize limited warranty. Choose SanDisk, the minds behind flash memory As the pioneers of flash memory, SanDisk is known all over the planet. Wherever people take pictures, listen to music, use cell phones—or do much of anything at all with digital devices—they’re likely to be using a SanDisk memory card. That’s because, after 20 years in the business, SanDisk has never stopped innovating.
Can the card keep up with you and your camera? With fast shooting high mega pixel cameras, the CF card can be a major performance factor. Why have one of these cameras and use a card that cannot keep up? When I bought my 8.2 mp Canon 20D, I decided it was time to get a second CF card so the research started. The Ultra II cards write with a minimum of 9 mb/sec. and read at 10 mb/sec. These fast write speeds are desirable with large image files. There are cameras with buffers to hold images while writing to the card during continuous shots. At some point if the card cannot write fast enough, your camera will stop shooting until the buffer clears enough room. This card has a high impact rating. For example; if you were to accidentally drop this card 10-foot up to then hit the floor, this card is rated to sustain the fall without damage. Sometimes the trade off on price comes from power consumption. Lower priced cards may use more power to do the same job as this card. The low power consumption of this card means a longer battery life. People generally want to know how many images a card will hold. This is a difficult question to answer and greatly depends on both the card and the camera it is used in. The number of images this card will hold on my 20D also depends on the settings used. Let me provide a few settings and image counts for an idea of what this card holds. Shooting Raw w/ISO 100 - 221 images Shooting Raw w/ISO 800 - 206 images Shooting Large jpeg - 479 images Shooting Medium jpeg - 825 images Shooting Small jpeg over 999 images (the 20D cannot provide counts above 999) I use both a 1GB and a 2GB card shooting primarily raw images. Sometimes the 1GB card is more than adequate, but other times I could easily fill the 1GB card quickly. There have been many days where I have taken 200-300 pictures without the opportunity to transfer my images. The 2GB card not only gives me more storage space, but also permits me to change the card in a slow moment before it completely fills up. It is truly aggravating to lose a shot because your card filled up. For these reasons I tend to prefer the 2GB cards. When considering the card size, one should attempt to balance convenience with capacity. Having one card for all your images may be convenient, but it is also putting all your eggs in one basket. Worried about reliability? It's backed with a lifetime limited warranty outside Europe. The warranty excludes any defects, malfunctions, performance failures or damages to the card resulting from use in other than its normal and customary manner, misuse, accident or neglect; or improper alterations or repairs. PROS: Reliable Fast read/write Impact resistant Low power consumption Backed by a lifetime limited warranty CONS: None An excellent value for the digital photographer Two gigabytes in a pretty fast CF card for well under $100 (March 2006) is a pretty darned good deal. I have used this card constantly in my Nikon D70s with excellent results. While there may be faster cards, this one is plenty fast, and allows my Nikon to shoot approximately 258 RAW shots. Pretty impressive. While pros may notice a difference in image saving speed in situations involving top-of-the-line pro digital cameras and rapid-fire sports shots and the like, most amateurs will not, and most digital cameras probably cannot save images as fast as this card anyway, causing the camera, not the CF card, to be the bottleneck. Right now 2 Gigabytes seems to be at the "sweet spot" of price/performance for these cards, and here Sandisk has produced an excellent product. I have used Sandisk CF cards for years and found them to be reliable and quick. This 2GB card is an excellent value. Excellent Bang for the Buck Remember Goldilocks and the Three Bears story? In DSLR and CompactFlash cards story, run-of-the-mill discount memory cards are too slow. Top-of-the-line memory cards are faster than necessary. SanDisk's Ultra II series is just right. Ask professional photographers which memory cards they use, they will probably answer Lexar and/or SanDisk. With increasing number of DSLR enthusiasts shooting in RAW format, which consumes between 5 to 15 MB (generally 1 MB per megapixel), the demand for high capacity and high performance memory card is higher than ever. For Canon DSLR photographers, SanDisk has been more ideal choice. Although the problem should be fully resolved by now, there was an issue where Lexar's high speed CompactFlash memory cards sometimes lost images against Canon DSLRs. Sealing the deal is SanDisk Ultra II's excellent performance and lower price. My DSLR is Canon Digital Rebel XTi, where each RAW consumes nearly 10 MB. In continuous shooting mode, the camera's internal buffer can hold 9 RAWs at 3 frames per second. With slower memory card, it can shoot 10 RAWs at 3 fps. With faster memory card such as Ultra II, it can shoot 12 RAWs at 3 fps. Here's the kicker. Even with faster SanDisk Extreme IV and Lexar Professional 133x memory cards, it did not exceed 12 RAWs. On paper, SanDisk's Ultra II series is only so so. At 9 MB/sec for write and 10 MB/sec for read, it is 4 times slower than Extreme IV's 40 MB/sec for read and write ratings. Yet they perform nearly the same. What gives? The limitation lies in DSLR's CompactFlash interface. On Rob Galbraith's CF/SD Performance Database, none of the cameras exceeded 10 MB/sec. In fact, most DSLRs peaked at 8 MB/sec. In other words, SanDisk's Ultra II represents the real world maximum for DSLR use. What about capacity? As I write this, 2 GB offers highest capacity per dollar. The trend will undoubtedly change and I am certain by next year, 4 GB will offer greater bang for the buck. Fearful of memory card failure, which does happen from time-to-time (particularly in challenging weather condition), many photographers prefer to carry multiple lower capacity memory cards vs. one large capacity memory card. Use your own judgment, budget, shooting style to determine which is right for you. As far as the performance is concerned, SanDisk's Ultra II series is just right for your DSLR.


Lexar Media 1 GB 80x Pro Series Compact Flash Card (CF1GB-80-380)

Lexar Media's Professional Series CompactFlash is designed to speed up image transfer times by taking advantage of a Digital SLR camera's high-speed processor. Capable of sustained write speeds of 12 mb per second, making the CompactFlash cards ideal for any photographer who demands optimal performance from the card and camera they use.Write Acceleration Technology (WA) allows digital cameras and CompactFlash cards to work together perfectly to pass and store images more quickly and achieve image-write speeds never before possible.
Brand: Lexar Model: CF1GB-80-380 Original language: English Dimensions: 1.25" h x 4.00" w x 6.00" l, 1.00 pounds
Keep Shooting! Lexar Media's Professional Series CompactFlash are ideal for any photographer who demands optimal performance from both the memory card and digital camera they use. Our 80X write speeds are designed to speed up image capture times by taking advantage of a Digital SLR camera's high-speed processor. Capable of sustained write speeds of 6 MB per second, making our 80X CompactFlash a top choice among professional photographers. Features: 80X Professional CompactFlash with Write Acceleration technology Bundled with Image Rescue 2.0 & 30 day Trial of Photo Mechanic 4.3 Ideal for digital cameras with 5 megapixels and above 100% camera compatibility guaranteed 12 MB/sec minimum sustained write capability Professional-level durability for shooting in harsh conditions Advanced Features: Image Rescue 2.0 Software Recovers lost or deleted digital photos including JPEG, TIFF and RAW from your memory card or JumpDrive even if you have erased them, reformatted them, or if your memory card or JumpDrive has been corrupted** Scans every sector on your memory card or JumpDrive, reports any hardware errors found and repairs any file system errors detected. Formats and permanently deletes all files on your memory card or JumpDrive Install files located on your JumpDrive Photo, simply connect your JumpDrive to your computer and copy the Image Rescue Folder to your desktop. **Image recovery is not 100% guaranteed. Performance: Sustained write capability (host to flash) 1X=150KB/sec. 40X=6.0MB/sec., 80X=12MB/sec. Start-Up Time (sleep to read/write): 10 m/sec. Power Requirements: Voltage 3.3V ± 5% or 5V ± 10% High Performance Read Current 65mA at 5V; 50 mA at 3.3V rms High Performance Write Current 65 mA at 5V; 50mA at 3.3V rms Physical Specifications: Length 1.433 in (36.4 mm) - Type I Width 1.685 in (42.80mm) - Type I Height 0.130 in (3.30 mm) - Type I Environmental Specifications: Shock 50Gs @ 11ms Vibration 15 Gs peak to peak Operating temperature 0º C to 60º C Non-operating temperature -20º C to 85º C Humidity 5% to 96% Certifications: FCC part 15, VCCI, CE Warranty: This product is backed by a lifetime limited customer-satisfaction warranty
Works well but Write Acceleration Technology may not be used This Compact Flash card works very well with my Canon EOS 20D but I found out (Lexar's web site) that Lexar's Write Acceleration Technology is not supported by Canon (at least not officially). So may be for Canon camera's owners it's not worth buying the 1GB 80x card when the 1 GB 40x would suffice. Good quality, quick picture saving... I recently purchased the Nikon D70 camera, and this was the CF card I selected for it. It works wonderfully, and I have found that the 80x write acceleration really does make a difference; as compared to non-write accelerated cards. With this card, I am basically able to do a continuous shoot at the largest jpeg quality (not RAW) and have the card record them almost as fast as I shoot. About the only thing odd I found about the card is that there is included software with it, and the software only appears on the memory card. So if you want to get the full storage potential out of the card, you need to first either format (and lose the software), or hook the card up to a PC and copy it off. Annoying. Regards, -Tammie DO NOT BUY THIS CARD! If you own a Canon camera, Canon does NOT support WA (Write Acceleration) feature of Lexar's high-speed cards: Current camera partners supporting Write Acceleration Technology: -Kodak Professional -Nikon -Sanyo -Sigma -Pentax -Olympus


Lexar Media XD256-231 256 MB xD-Picture Card (Retail Package)

256MB xD-Picture Cards
Brand: Lexar Model: XD256-231 Original language: English Dimensions: .25" h x 5.75" w x 9.00" l, 9999.00 pounds

Great Value I bought this card for my Fuji A210 4 megapixel camera to use on a trip to Disneyland. I set the camera to the best resolution (all 4 megapixels) and I was able to take 337 pictures, there was still room on the card for 64 more pictures, according to my camera display. I was able to take pictures all week without having to worry about downloading them to a computer. Also, I was able to get 8 X 10 prints that were excellent quality, and the standard size prints were also perfect. I highly recommend this picture card to anyone who wants to be able to take a lot of high quality pictures without paying the price for a Fuji or Olympus card. Beware of picture and description not being what gets sent I needed an XD card that is NOT M or H type, because my camera unfortunately does not accept the newer cards. I found this and ordered, but was sent an M type, even though the picture and description are not M type. The vendor refunded my purchase price but not the return shipping as promised. Lexar Media, always great Needed a replacement card for my Olympus Camera. This card performs well, and doesn't corrupt easily.


A-Data 16 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card 16GSDHC10 (Blue)
From A-Data USA

Turbo series SDHC Class 10 memory card. It supports the new SD Association’s new class 10 specification with a dramatic performance improvement in recording cameras on the market today. With high transfer rate of Class 10, the card enables digital camera users to easily capture sequential shots that used to be hard to catch due to the limitation of memory card speed. Seize the important moment by taking every single move sequentially Have you ever experienced the disappointment of missing an irreplaceable moment such as the first step of your child simply because your digital camera could not keep up with the act? Some consider DSLR the solution to the problem, yet the daunting price on DSLR makes it less accessible for entry-level users. With A-DATA Turbo series SDHC Class 10 performing at a transfer rate up to 22MBps on devices supporting SD v.3.0, one could seize these important moments by recording every single move. Enjoy complete satisfaction with HI-RES video shoot Besides the revolutionary improvement on sequential photo taking, the high transfer rate of class 10 also makes it possible to do video shooting at high resolution. No more diminished satisfaction caused by insufficient quality of video shoot with Turbo series SDHC 10. Users of digital cameras can now take high quality video at HD 1920x1080 resolution, which is impossible with the previous generation of SDHC. Available in 16GB, the Turbo series SDHC Class 10 memory card enables digital camera users to record every memorable image and comes with product lifetime warranty.
Color: Blue Brand: A-DATA Model: 16GSDHC10 Dimensions: 4.90" h x .50" w x 3.20" l, .5 pounds

First card works for 4 days only!! I received the card from Amzaon right on time before my cruise vacation with my family. The card worked well on the first 3 days and then on the 4th day, it ceased to work. I have tried to read the card off from other cameras and computer card reader without any success. All the 300+ pictures and video were gone and I was mad!!!!! Although Amazon quickly sent out the replacement card but now I am skeptical regarding the new card. I will let you know how is this new one holding up. Anyway, this is very low quality so far that I can tell. I have never had any problem with SD cards before but learned my lesson from this vendor that I need to back up my photos every night when I finish shooting for the day's activities. This really spolied our whole vacation with the kids and family. My advice to all buyers is to keep backing up the files from the card everyday. So your maximum lost is a day of work. It is very price attractive and there is nothing wrong with it until it broke. So just do our work and it will be OK. I am still skeptical that how long that they can last with its "life time warranty" on its product. Card failed after two weeks (UPDATE: TWO Cards Failed Now) Based on the other reviews of this product, it seems like there's a strong theme happenng here. My card worked fine for the first two weeks, then my camera started giving me long "busy" delay notifications between shots. The day after, no camera or reader could detect the card. Amazon quickly sent out a replacement, but why bother trying again? Think thrice before buying this item. UPDATE: So Amazon kindly sent me a replacement free of charge... and the replacement card FAILED AFTER THREE PHOTOS!!! I think it's pretty clear now that these cards should be discontinued and removed from the site. Junk The card failed in my Panasonic Gh-1 camera after just one day's use. A full day's photo shoot including video were lost. The one most important thing that an SD card must be is RELIABLE. Are you willing to take a chance with your valuable photos or data? By the way I have zero problems with Transcend and Sandisk cards.


SanDisk - Flash memory card - 256 MB - TransFlash
From SanDisk

The TransFlash product is an ultra small, semi-removable flash memory module based on the miniSD card and TriFlash designs for future mobile phone products, especially the transfer of personal content between TransFlash-enabled phones. Due to the ultra small size of the product, it is not intended to be handled or removed on a frequent basis.
Brand: SanDisk Dimensions: .39" h x .43" w x .59" l, .5 pounds



MemoryStor 6 Pk Doublesided Adhesive in Dispensers

Ideal for gift packing, scrapbooking, and data arrangement. Conveniently applies adhesive to seal, bind, reinforce, attach, or mount most surfaces such as cardstock, photos, paper, and ribbon.


6GB MicroSDHC Card with SD Adapter (Bulk Package)
From SanDisk

SanDisk is proud to announce our newest format and capacity to the SD card family: microSD High Capacity (microSDHC) 6GB flash card. Also comes with a full size SD adapter to fit into devices with an SD slot. Not all devices support microSDHC 6 GB cards. Please contact your device manufacturer for details. To ensure compatibility, look for the microSDHC logo on the product or packaging of your new phone or PDA. Bulk Package (No retail packaging)
Amazon Sales Rank: #21668 in Consumer Electronics Brand: SanDisk


Olympus 202025 M-256 MB xD Picture Card
From Olympus

Compact and durable, the Olympus 256 MB xD-Picture Card is the ultimate reusable digital media. Besides offering compatibility with most manufacturers xD-compatible devices, it's the only xD card that supports the Panorama function found on most Olympus digital cameras.
Color: BLACK Brand: Olympus Model: 202025 Dimensions: 5.00" h x 1.00" w x 7.00" l, .2 pounds
The Olympus xD-Picture Card is compact for smaller and more stylish digital devices. It’s powerful for amazing memory capacity now, and increased memory capacity in the future. It’s durable, making it a media you can trust with your most valuable data. And it’s versatile, for unprecedented device flexibility. Olympus xD-Picture Cards - the most advanced digital media cards ever for the best digital images yet. Connectivity and Compatibility Compact and durable, the Olympus xD-Picture Card is the ultimate reusable digital media. Besides offering compatibility with most manufacturers xD-compatible devices, it's the only xD card that supports the Panorama function found on most Olympus digital cameras. And it’s just as easy using non-xD devices as well, thanks to a number of groundbreaking adapters that will be available including a CompactFlash™ Adapter, SmartMedia™ USB Reader/Writer, and PCMCIA/PC Card Adapter. So Small, It's Huge An exceptionally compact design means manufacturers will be able to deliver smaller, more stylish, and more powerful digital devices in the future. Room for Growth Designed with the most advanced storage technology available, the Olympus xD-Picture Card system meets the memory capacity needs of today, while also being readily available to fulfill the increased memory capacity needs of tomorrow. Durable Olympus xD-Picture Cards were designed for maximum durability, so it’s easy to feel comfortable trusting them with important digital information. Panorama Support Olympus xD-Picture Cards are the only xD cards that support the Panorama function found on most Olympus digital cameras.
Proprietary technology They don't tell you this very prominently, and they should--you must not modify the contents of an xD card except using the camera itself; otherwise you'll reformat the card, possibly rendering it useless, as the reviewer right beneath me discovered the unpleasant way. So don't ever use it with a card reader. If you're bringing picture files over to your neighborhood developing machine, transfer them onto some other media first. That's what happens when you have to use proprietary technology. Just about everyone else in the world uses SD now, but Olympus and Fuji insist on xD. Works fine until you make prints with picture kiosk machines I was given this Olympus M Type 256MB xD Picture Card as a gift when I received a digital camera for my birthday last November. It worked fine until last week when I made prints at my local Kmart using the xD picture card. The card is now 'dead' and no amount of reformatting will fix the problem. It's very disappointing, as I'd only had the card for a little while. There is no visable dirt or damage on the card or the gold 'heads', so I can't be sure if it died because it was damaged by the picture kiosk machine or because it was faulty. Either way, please beware of using this Olympus card in picture kiosks lest your card befalls a similar fate. Picture Card common sense I used 1 G card and found the fuller it got the longer it took to down load pictures. The 256 seems to be just the right size. It gives me 15 min. of movie and 173 pictures.


HP 8 GB Class 4 microSDHC Flash Memory Card L1885A-EF
From hp

Maximize your mobile entertainment with 8GB of Micro SDHC flash storage from HP, one of the brands that US households trust. For Micro SDHC capable devices such as smartphones, camcorders and laptops, 8GB of storage allows you to store more music, games, and video when you're on the go. HP's 8GB Micro SDHC card comes with an SD adapter, allowing you to use your Micro SDHC card as a full-size SDHC card for use in a wide range of SDHC capable devices. The card also features a Class 4 rating with a 4MB/s write speed. HP - Products that factor in improving the experience in and around your digital lifestyle. Please verify that your device such as cellular phone or digital camera supports SDHC cards. SDHC cards are not compatible with standard SD host devices and card readers, and will only work on SDHC host devices. Check with your device manufacturer to see if the device supports SDHC before purchase.
Size: 8 GB Brand: HP Model: L1885A-EF Original language: English Dimensions: .50 pounds

Works well in BlackBerry 8900 I am using HP 8 GB Class 4 microSDHC Flash Memory Card (L1885A-EF) in my BlackBerry 8900. The card was immediately recognized by the BlackBerr, formatting went without a problem, and the card functions properly. BlackBery sees 7.3GB of available memory on the card. This card is exactly what I wanted. good purchase I bought 2 8gb cards to fit in photofast memory stick pro duo adapter and pop it up in my psp, so far so good works absolutely fine off course faster than class 2. Great Product Great amount of space for a very low price. I use it for my Blackberry Curve 8900.


Sandisk 16GB Ultra CF memory card - 30MB/s 200x (SDCFH-016G-P36, Retail Package)
From SanDisk

Great photography takes more than a great camera, so step it up with high-performance SanDisk Ultra CompactFlash memory cards-from the world leader in flash memory cards. Make sure you're getting the most from your digital camera with read/write speeds up to 30MB/second. And get ready to catch more of the action with 16GB storage capacities so you can keep shooting photos and video worry-free, with less editing in-camera.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDCFH-016G-P36


SanDisk 4 GB Memory Stick PRO Duo Flash Memory Card SDMSPD-4096-A11
From SanDisk

SanDisk Memory Stick PRO Duo cards give you plenty of room to capture and store your world. And they're built to last, so you can be confident that all of your precious files will be there when you want them.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDMSPD-4096-A11 Released on: 2006-11-07 ESRB Rating: Everyone Format: CD Original language: English Number of items: 1 Dimensions: .50" h x 4.75" w x 7.00" l, .1 pounds Memory: 4000MB
From the manufacturer From the manufacturer SanDisk® Memory Stick PRO Duo™ 4 GB Card There’s a SanDisk® memory card for every Sony® experience you have—from shooting video to playing your favorite tunes. Made especially for Sony devices and trusted the world over, SanDisk® Memory Stick PRO Duo™ cards help you get the most out of all things Sony. Because no one does memory like SanDisk. Smart Sony® products deserve smart memory cards—built by the pioneers in flash memory Get the room you need for plenty of pics, games and more—and add the read/write speeds that make everything work faster. Then shoot, play and share your experiences. It’s time to upgrade the card inside your Sony device, from cameras and camcorders to PSP®, PlayStation®3, Vaio® laptop—or digital picture frames. Maximize your camera’s performance Keep shooting without fear of running out of space Get dependable performance every time Don’t come up short, store more photos and videos *1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage. **1 megabyte (MB) = 1 million bytes; X = 150 KB/sec; based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending on host device. ***Excludes Germany and other regions which do not recognize limited warranty. Choose SanDisk, the minds behind flash memory As the pioneers of flash memory, SanDisk is known all over the planet. Wherever people take pictures, listen to music, use cell phones—or do much of anything at all with digital devices—they’re likely to be using a SanDisk memory card. That’s because, after 20 years in the business, SanDisk has never stopped innovating.
Works well, lots of memory! I purchased this so that I might not have to buy another memory stick ever for my PSP. It works well and I have lots of memory left over for pictures, saved games, pictures, music, etc. Wow. Lots of space! I bought this memory stick for storing pictures and short movie clips on my Sony SteadyShot digital camera (DSC-T30B) and it can hold almost 1,200 photos at 7.2 megapixels. Impressive. I decided to take a movie on the camera to see how long it would let me film. I got bored after 11 minutes so I don't know how much longer I could have gone. But 11 minutes is pretty good with a memory stick on a digital camera. I have no complaints with how much this little memory stick can hold, or with the quality. 4gb sandisk pro duo this is a must have if you use a psp. works great. writes and reads files fast. i have had no problems using this stick.


SanDisk 32GB Extreme III - Compact Flash memory card - (SDCFX3-032G-P31, Retail Packaging) - NEW 30MB/s version
From SanDisk

SanDisk Extreme® III CompactFlash memory cards are the perfect choice for people who are serious about their photography, including first-time DSLR owners. The latest SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash cards offer faster performance than ever before (30MB/s*) when shooting, viewing, and transferring photos. They feature extra silicon for durability; and professional-level services that have become synonymous with the SanDisk Extreme product family. CompactFlash is the number one memory format choice for professional photographers, since it offers the best in performance, capacity, and durability. And, the SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash cards are the first professional-level memory cards from SanDisk to be made available to general retailers.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDCFX3-032G-P31 Hard Disk: 32GB

Expensive but worth it Just as the title says, it is expensive, but worth it. Newer cameras take up more and more space. If you shoot RAW with a 12 mpix camera, you might consider this card. As for customer service, I've had a SanDisk card go bad (An 8 GB, not this 32GB one) and got a replacement quickly. Fast even for RAW Images via a Nikon D300 This is one of several SanDisk Extreme cards I have purchased over the years. The card works great and gives me upwards of 3,000 Fine quality large JPEG files and over 1,500 Camera RAW files and they move quick on shoots and even with downloading I feel they transfer quickly. As for cost it is not cheap but at the same rate if you do allot of photographing or shoot in RAW format this is a great card as it gives you the space to shoot yourself silly without running out of space. I always have backup cards with me too. It quickyl formats in your device as well and very easy to do. I recommend it for folks who need space and who want quick movement btwn shots and for file transfers.


BLAZING 8GB SDHC Class 4/6 ( Secure Digital High Capacity ) Memory Card for Nikon CoolPix L20 / CoolPix P90 / Digital SLR D5000 and More Digital Cameras ***Includes Accessory Bag***
From Accessory Power

Brand: Accessory Power


Lexar Media Professional Series UDMA 2GB Compact Flash 300x

Amazon Sales Rank: #49426 in Consumer Electronics Brand: Lexar Model: CF2GB-300-381 Dimensions: 5.75" h x 1.25" w x 4.75" l, .18 pounds


SanDisk 2 GB Extreme IV CompactFlash Card ( SDCFX4-2048-901 )
From SanDisk

As the leader in high-performance flash technology, SanDisk is introducing the newest flagship product specifically designed for medium format cameras with a digital back, targeted at the high-end professional photographers, for the Americas Photo channel. Extreme IV has extremely fast read/write speeds. This line provides the durability and high-speed quality demanded for serious photography. SanDisk's award-winning technology solidifies the strength of the Extreme family of high-performance flash cards. It provides your customers the full line of SanDisk digital imaging products, from our entry-level blue label through this newest edition of our Extreme IV products. The Extreme IV CF card has the fastest speed available today, in a brand name you can trust.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDCFX4-2048-901 Dimensions: 1.00 pounds
As the leader in high-performance flash technology, SanDisk introduces the newest flagship products – The Extreme IV line of CompactFlash. The Extreme IV line of CompactFlash is our newest digital film cards for the high-end professional photographers, who require the highest possible performance and the largest capacities for their medium format and high-end digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras. It has extremely fast read/write speeds. (Up to 40MB/sec) It provides the highest durability, speed, and quality demands on the market today for serious photography. The reason for the extreme fast read/write speeds is that the Extreme IV memory cards feature innovative ESP ("Enhanced Super-Parallel Processing") technology for the fastest speeds and highest performance. You get the fastest read/write speeds available today – up to 40MB/sec sequential read and write speed. SanDisk also introduces the new SanDisk Extreme FireWire reader. Combined with our new Extreme CompactFlash cards, images can transfer from the SanDisk Extreme IV cards to a computer, at up to 40MB/sec, for significantly improved workflow efficiency. Every SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash card comes with RescuePRO Deluxe so you can recover images, documents, mail, video, music – just about any digital file, with ease. Built with leading-edge media recovery algorithms, RescuePro Deluxe lets you preview recoverable data before you try to retrieve it. With RescuePRO's unique recovery algorithm for MPEG audio and MPEG video recovery (MPEG-1/2/3) what you see, and what you hear, is what you can recover. Extreme IV is the new industry leader in the best-in-class solution for high profile professional photographers. As the elite flash memory cards available on the market, Extreme IV has extremely fast read/write speeds. This line provides the durability, high-speed, and quality demands for serious photography. SanDisk's award-winning technology solidifies the strength of the Extreme IV family of high-performance flash cards. Advanced Features: Designed to meet the critical speed and performance needs of serious professional photographers. Significantly improved workflow efficiency for capturing, viewing, upload and transferring large image files Ideal for demanding photo shoots under severe weather conditions—heat, cold, wind, rain, snow, etc. Built to perform in the most extreme environments and temperatures—from -13º F to 185º F Up to 40MB/sec sequential read and write (leveraging the new Extreme FireWire Reader) Durable, reliable and thoroughly tested—temperature tested (heat and cold); shock and vibration tested Data recovery software—ensures your photos will always be there (even if you delete them accidentally) Dedicated, priority technical support hotline for direct customers of SanDisk Extreme products Included travel case keeps your memory cards organized Lifetime limited warranty
Speed surprisingly beneficial to camera performance PRO: Very Fast, Allows more continuous shots without filling buffer CON: Expensive The SanDisk 2 GB Extreme IV CompactFlash Card is so fast, when I held down my shutter release (with Rebel XT set to Raw) for 3 fps continuous shooting, 30 seconds later it was still firing (it may have gone longer, but I just gave up and took my finger off the button). The Rebel XT is only rated for 5 or 6 Raw frames at 3 fps. Apparently, this 40 MB/s card clears the buffer faster than the pictures can fill it up. I also feel very confident that I can take multiple shots in succession even while the camera is set to both Raw and Large/Fine JPEG (at the same time) without worry that the camera will be busy writing to the card. On one outing, I took 101 JPEG pictures (approx. 3.3 MB each) and uploaded them to my PC via the Sandisk Firewire card reader in less than 30 sec (est.). Note that you probably will need the Firewire reader to get the full 40 MB/s upload speed (from your card to your PC). This card costs a bit more than the Extreme III, but it gives a very comforting level of performance overhead. CONCLUSION: Best memory card available for DSLRs. Worth the money. Get the Firewire card reader if your PC has one of the two provided Firewire plug types. The Firewire connection on the front of my PC was not compatible, but the back one was. that's fast! Added this Extreme IV card to my collection of Extreme III cards used in my photography. Works without a glitch. I set my camera (Canon 20D) on continous shooting, full RAW, aimed it at a visually busy scene, and held the trigger down. It stopped to complete writing somewhere around 8 frames. I'm pleased with that. Very Fast This product was purchased along with a Canon 40D DSLR. This combination has proven to be extremely fast. I notice no delays when shooting with this card. This by itself is probably of little relevance though as the camera is likely the slower of the two pieces of hardware (Canon doesn't spec it's transfer rates). It does make a huge difference however when uploading to the computer for backup/editing purposes. This memory flies when used with the SanDisk Firewire card reader!!! Cons: Very expensive considering even the cost of the last generation of SanDisk.


Viking Components SD1GB 1 GB Secure Digital Card
From Viking Components

Viking InterWorks' SD cards can be used in any device that requires the robust security features that this standard offers. The SD form factor represents the smallest, secure flash memory card in the consumer market today and is flexible for applications ranging from MP3 players to PDAs to digital cameras. Combined with low power draw and the highest capacities available, Viking SD cards are the best option available for taking your digital files with you anywhere.
Brand: Viking Model: SD1GB

Good Solid Digital Card... No Complaints. I go out I take tons of pictures I come home and download the pictures from my Kodak 5MP camera into my computer for editing before I have them printed out. This card never disappoints and holds tons of pictures. I liked the quality and storage of their 128KB and 512KB version so much when I wanted more space I had to pick the 1 GB version. I trusted the quality of this brand of card so much I brought 2 1 GB cards and they did not disappoint me. The cards both work like a charm. The pictures are fine. The camera writes to the card quickly. The card formats in almost no time at all. The 1 GB card exceeds my photograph needs. I am no photographer just an old disabled dude with a love of taking pictures. These 1 GB cards are so big I can concentrate on taking the highest quality pictures my camera supports and not worry about how much space I have left. These Cards offer freedom of expression because they let you get into tune with and become one with your art instead of worrying about silly things like space remaining. I think everyone should buy these cards because, having all the space is a very liberating experience and it fosters using your camera as a tool of exploration to capture moments in this fleeting thing we call human reality which is as it should be! Slip about six of these puppies into your pocket and you can go out for a day shooting everything in sight that strikes your photographic fancy. By and Enjoy these digital cards, I sure do! Acceptable speed with enough space Acceptable speed with enough space for this SD card, Viking's card is reliable and affordable. Never fail to deliver. recommended, also I only recommend cards that are below 1GB, since the bigger the capacity, the fast speed it needed to provide the flexibility. i.e., bigger size, you need faster speed to bring performance to the max in your Digital Cameras. sweet and nice price! I got this at Amazon for a great price. Its an sd card so how much can you say? It does what its supposed to do.


Lexar Media SD1GBX2231 1GB SD Memory Card Twin Pack

Lexar Media Secure Digital (SD) Cards are designed for use in many digital devices including digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, Cellular Phones and camcorders. The Lexar Media SD Cards have an erasure-prevention switch to keep your data safe. When the switch is in the locked position, it will stop you from accidentally copying over or deleting data stored on your card.


SanDisk Extreme III - Flash memory card - 2 GB - CompactFlash
From SanDisk

SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash is designed exclusively for the high-end, professional photographers who work under extreme conditions and expect the very best in products and support services.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDCFX3-2048-902 Dimensions: .39" h x .39" w x .39" l, .22 pounds

Best value card in my opinion I use these cards exclusively now in my Nikon D200. Shooting a soccer game recently in continuous high speed mode this card had zero problems keeping up with the action while my older cards would choke up after 5 images and prevent me from shooting. I've only used the 2GB variety of this card, but I would recommend any Extreme III card, i'm thinking about picking up some of the SD type for my D50. Extremely fast! SanDisk Extreme III is probably the best compact flash you can get. With write speeds of 20MB per second, there is literally no wait time at all. I shoot with a Nikon D70S and it has been fantastic! Well worth the money! SanDisk EX III CF 2GB from Review I am a previous owner of this same product and was previously aware of the quality and performance of the product. The merchandise was new as advertised and I have tested all four items and found them to be perfect. I will use them as both efilm in my digital cameras and as media to transfer data between my computers. This media approach is much more appropriate than using a 1.44MB floppy disk, a CD or a DVD. I also have made many pleasant purchases with Amazon and this one was no exception. Quality merchandise at an affordable price is the norm at S. Schaefer


Transcend 32 GB SDHC Class 6 Flash Memory Card TS32GSDHC6

Transcend¿s SDHC card is based on the new generation of SD cards (SD 2.0) that support the FAT32 file system format. Fully Class 6 compliant, the card features fast data transfer speeds (guaranteed minimum write speed of 6MB/s) and satisfies the high-capacity demands of today¿s new SDHC devices such as high-end digital cameras or digital camcorders. You can store your entire music or picture collections, video clips, or even complete full-length high quality movies.Transcend¿s SDHC card also includes special features such as a mechanical write protection switch that keeps your important data safe from accidental deletion or over-writing. Transcend¿s SDHC Class 6 series features ECC (Error Correcting Code) to automatically detect and correct errors during data transfer, preventing data corruption and missing files. Transcends manufactures all of its SDHC cards using brand name NAND Flash chips and premium quality components to ensure robust, long-life durability and performance. For further peace of mind, all SDHC cards are comprehensively tested for compatibility and reliability, and carry Transcend¿s renowned Lifetime Warranty.
Size: 32 GB Brand: Transcend Model: TS32GSDHC6 Dimensions: .8" h x .94" w x 1.26" l, .0 pounds CPU: AMD Athlon 1 GHz Memory: 128000MB DRAM Hard Disk: 32GB Processors: 1 Native resolution: 640x480 Display size: 669.2913385827

Great affordable 8GB SDHC card I recently bought this 8GB SDHC card for my Canon SD1000 camera. The card works very well and I've had no problems with it so far. If you're in the market for an affordable high quality SDHC card, this may be the one for you. Sorry, I kind of sounded like a used car salesman right there, didn't I? I assure you that I don't work for Transcend. But, here's why I think this card is awesome: Pros: -Affordable! -Large 8GB capacity -Class 6 read/write speed (which is the fastest speed currently available) -Lifetime warranty (at least that's what the package says :) -Transcend is a reputable company that's been making memory products for a very long time. ( I swear to the tech Gods that I don't work for them!) Cons: - I can't think of any right now. The closest thing to a "Con" that I can think of is that if you buy this card now, it will probably become cheaper in a month or so :) No, make that 2 weeks. IMPORTANT SPECIAL NOTES ABOUT SDHC MEMORY CARDS: -SDHC cards are not compatible with most older SD cameras, SD devices, or SD card readers. -SDHC cards are rated by speed using different "classes". There are currently three data transfer speed classes available for SDHC cards. These classes are "class 2, class 4, and class 6". For example, "Class 2" would have the slowest read/write speed while "Class 6" has the fastest read/write speed. So if you have a device in which speed may play a crucial role, make sure you buy a higher "class" SDHC card. Again, this SDHC card has the fastest read/write speed available right now. Class 6 has a minimum read/write speed of 6mb/sec... while Class 2 has minimum speed rating of 2mb/sec, and Class 4 is 4mb/sec. Starting to see the pattern? SO WHAT'S THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN "SD CARDS" AND "SDHC CARDS? SDHC is basically an upgrade to the older SD cards. The reason they upgraded it was to achieve greater data transfer speeds AND capacity than previously possible with normal SD cards... and to do this, they had to redesign the card (which is why it's not compatible with normal SD devices). This was necessary because digital cameras and digital video cameras these days have higher resolutions, which equate to larger file sizes and faster data transfer needs. I hope I haven't confused everybody by going into this much detail, but I can't help being the nerd that I am. If you are confused, don't hesitate to comment on this post and I will try my best to answer your questions. Also, any feedback is always welcome! Conclusion: Buy the card if you have a new device that uses SDHC. It rocks! (This message has been approved by the "Duke of New Mexico") Transcend 4 GB Class 6 SDHC Card - Good Card for SDHC Compatible Devices The Transcend 4GB SDHC CARD (Class 6) is a great card for the price. I was at first a little skeptical about the brand, but I buy way too many memory cards to ignore a good price when I see one. And I'm happy to report that I've experienced decent performance and reliability issues with this card. That's as compared to other cards I own including SanDisk, PNY and Kingston. As long as your devices are compatible with the SDHC format, this card is a good buy. 4 GB is a nice size though I do prefer 8 GB capacity for high capacity storage. The class 6 speed is the fastest speed available in mass market SDHC cards. Class 6 guarantees minimum transfer speeds of 6 MBs, but I've gotten speeds up to 20Mbs! That makes this card perfect for storing pictures in RAW image formats. The Class 6 speed is on par with the Sandisk Extreme III cards that on average are about $15 to $20 more per card. If you don't have an SDHC reader, you may opt to get the package with a reader included to download your pics. If not you can just transfer your pics directly from your camera with your card still inserted. An SDHC card reader can be bought separately if your PC doesn't have a compatible slot. General SDHC and SD Card Tips There are a few tips that I've learned the hard way through buying TOO MANY different memory cards. 1. Make sure your device is compatible with the card! Even in regular SD cards, some older electronics aren't compatible with that large of a size (2 GB). In terms of SDHC cards, make sure your camera or other device is SDHC compatible. SDHC is different from regular SD and only newer devices tend to have built-in compatibility 2. Once you install this in your camera or device, you will generally want to format the card with your compatible device's interface. That is because the standard formats for certain devices, particularly Canon, are different from the factory installed format 3. Just like your devices, most computer SD card readers are not compatible with the SDHC format. So use a card reader or download the pictures via USB connection to the camera with the card still installed. 4. For some reason, placing the card in the locked position allows some older laptops to still read it. This is just to be used in a pinch however, and it won't apply to all systems 5. If you did not properly format your card, you may be able to save things to it and then have them "disappear." If this happens to you, make sure you use the software recovery tools BEFORE you try to save anything else to your card. That way, you can retrieve your images without over-writing them. 6. Make sure you know what you are going to use this card for. Once you have set up everything and ensured it's all compatible, you still have to decide on speed. If you are using this for storing RAW images instead of JPEGs or HD video, step up to the faster class 6 speed format if you can afford it. 7. If you are going to pay more for a faster speed, make sure your device can benefit from it. I've read, for example, that Kodak cameras are set to a fixed voltage and cannot go faster than standard speed. So the extra cash spent on Class 4, 5, or 6 is basically wasted. Conclusion It's great to have several extra cards on hand just in case. This 4 GB card is a nice performer. If you have a high capacity camera (10 Megapixels or more) and are storing videos or RAW images, the extra cash for the 8GB card is worth it. Or you may want to step up to the larger 16 GB size that is now available. Enjoy! Transcend 32 GB SDHC Review Before you drop 120~$ for a SD card ask yourself, Do you really need 32GB card? because the card itself with same specs costs only 35$ for the 16GB version, anyway here is info that might help you Pros : 1- Class 6 Card the(guaranteed minimum Read/write speed of 6MB/s) 2- My Test Results 18.2-18.5MB/S Read - 11.6-11.8 Write (very stable) 3- Faster than average cards and almost close to top speed SDHC cards 4- 32GB in a single small chip is awesome(You can use it as a portable HD once in a while, i share some stuff with my friends with it sometimes Cons : 1- Expensive 2- You can get two 16GB cards for around only 70$ and save yourself 50$~ 3- Slow write speeds for a 32GB card (Takes forever to fill it with DATA from PC, its not the card fault though , its just the SDHC technology is getting old and slow for 2009 standards , time for newer Tech) * Important Info Avoid the Sandisk Ultra Series they never reach the true marketed speed "15MB-20MB/S" its just in theory speed like how everybody knows that USB2 is much slower than its specs, and they are only Class 2 for the 32GB version which will drop frames from your HD video (Plus Class 4 is minimum requirement for shooting in HD ) if you plan to get San disk Card then get the Extreme III Series (but again from my own Tests there read speed is about 20MB not 30MB and the write speed is 14MB/s~ instead of the transcend 11MB/s write speed (Unless you spam shooting pictures with your DSLR you don't "need" faster speed) I bought This card because i plan to take videos with my HD camcorder that last more 2 Hours, if you do not plan to shoot for longtime then you are better with getting the 16GB card HOWEVER, if you are lazy like my mom and do not plan to transfer DATA from the card to Your computer HD after every trip, then get the 32GB card.or you gonna end up on a trip and a message pops "No memory" If you plan to shoot for longer time, check your camcorder battery too does it even last that long? so be sure about that before you drop over 100$ for this card


BlueProton USB 2.0 6-in-1 Single Slot Memory Card Reader Writer for SD SDHC MiniSD MMC rsMMC (BLACK)
From BlueProton

The BlueProton USB 2.0 6in1 Card Reader/Writer is a high speed device that will enable you to quickly transfer photos and other digital files from a variety of flash memory card formats. Compatibility includes SD, SDHC (high capacity 4GB), miniSD, miniSDHC, MMC, rsMMC.
Amazon Sales Rank: #221 in Consumer Electronics Brand: BlueProton Model: BPSDRBLK

BlueTron a true rip off, free with a SDHC card then charge $16 I have ordered two 4gb SDHC cards and this was a special offer(free) to go with it. When I checked them out, they charged $16 for s/h. Then I realized that it wasn't free after all. Last time I shopped the similar one, they offered the blue card reader, with a red LED light that shows the transfer of your files to USB port. This black one does not have that simple feature. This one or the blue one, while plugged into USB, the cap is being separated and hence very easy to be missing. When I contacted BlueTron to explain about the overcharge, they ignored my question for 14 days, and, when I left a negative feedback to their profile, they wrote me back, still refusing to explain why but to simply ask me to return them if it was faulty. I never said neither item was faulty. It shows how poor they run their business. Don't get fooled like I did. Spend money for something better, not for this deceptive freebie offer. Works ... I received this card reader bundled "for free" with a class 6, 8 GB Sandisk SDHC card. I've used it successfully with my 512 MB to 2 GB standard SD cards, as well as 4 GB to 8 GB SDHC cards, each one a different brand. I haven't used it that many times, so I can't comment on durability. It seems to work as advertised, although I must admit I was skeptical when I first added it to my cart as a freebie. Ok if free or cheap, works but has design problems I got this as "freebie" with a 16GB card. Mine has the red "working light", which is handy to remind me I've got a removable device attached. Vista reacts a bit strangely to it with requests to "insert media", but if you ignore that (like you ignore most of Vista's overkill granny messages), it works fine as a removable drive. (I don't swap cards when it is in the laptop, so don't know if that in fact works.) Mostly use it with the same card in it. Seems to be quite fast and reliable. However, like others, I'm a bit queasy about the construction: the plastic case is extremely thin; if you even lightly pinch the case in the middle over the circuitry, it gives and "crackles". The edges where the caps fit and card is inserted are also very thin and look like they'd be easily chipped. The caps are easily lost/misplaced (I've had to search through the covers when using laptop in bed and absentmindedly put cap down on the bed instead of night table. Thankfully, I don't have a cat, which would probably think the cap was a great toy.) Also the caps pull off very easily; I keep the device in a small pocket in my laptop case, and sometimes the cap comes off when I pull the device out and it happens that I've only got hold of the cap. I also tend to try to insert it in the port upside down half the time. And it was just shipped in a light bubblewrap envelope, little protection considering how the thing probably wouldn't survive much pressure on the sides. Like other reviewers, I'm not impressed with the shipping practices. I might get another if it were a freebie again, and the shipping & handling weren't outrageous.


SimpleTech STI-CF/128 128MB CompactFlash Card
From SimpleTech Technology

SimpleTech CompactFlash cards are the most popular form factor of flash storage used in embedded and consumer devices today. These removable, small factor cards are ideal storage solutions for digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, palmtops, handheld PCs, and various industrial applications such as single board computers, set-top boxes, and portable medical/diagnostic equipment. CompactFlash cards are about the size of a matchbook, weigh only half an ounce and can be used in PC Card slots by using a low-cost passive adapter. SimpleTech CompactFlash cards achieve sustained write speeds up to 1.5 Megabytes/second and burst speeds up to 8 Megabytes/second.

  • Size: 128 MB
  • Brand: SimpleTech
  • Model: STI-CF/128
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.50" h x 5.25" w x 8.00" l, .3 pounds

SimpleTech CompactFlash cards allow you to take more pictures with your digital camera, increase the power of your PDA, and enjoy more music with your MP3 player. Compact and lightweight, they easily go where you go. In addition, CompactFlash cards have no moving parts, making them more rugged and dependable than hard drives.

Considering buying Simpletech, But According to Nikon.......5
After reading serveral posts about simpletech cards having trouble working in Nikon digital cameras, I decided to called Nikon myself. They told me, and this is from the horses mouth. That Simpletechs flash cards use a hitachi controller, the fastest one on the market today. These controllers don't work well with Nikon cameras because the hitachi controller writes the different parts of the image to the flash card simultaenously giving the card greater speed. But the contollers in the Nikon cameras do not write the image simlutaenously instead they write the image one piece at a time, this is slower, but it works according to Nikon. I then asked why other maunfacuters cards work with Nikon and they said that those manufactuers use their own controller tweeked to work with Nikon. The tech guy at Nikon happened to mention that Nikon will soon be introducing a new line of digital cameras with the new faster controller that will work fast and flawlessly with the simpletech cards. Lastly, he assured me that there is nothing wrong or inferior about Simpletech cards. I bought one after all!

There's my 2 cent to this playground argument!

Fast, Cheap, Dependable5
I bought this simpletech card after a very dissapointing exeperience with a 128 MB lexar card (the red labled one). The lexar was very slow in both picture taking and picture review modes on my Canon s200 Digital Elph.

This card is much faster then the above mentioned lexar card, and has proven to work pefectly in my camera. It is also one of the cheapest cards on the market, albiet prices are dropping everyday, so its hard to make such a sweeping statement.

If you own a Canon camera, and want a good, cheap, fast, dependable CF card, then the simpletech is a very good choice. Also keep in mind that simpletech cards come with a lifetime warranty versus limited year warranties of some other makers. This made me feel a bit better when purchasing such an inexpensive card.

Works for me5
I was a little nervous when I purchased this card, having seen some negative reviews here for it, but I used the discount that Simpletech offered with the purchase of a digital camera, here at Amazon, and instead of getting the free 32 MB, I went for the 128 MB. I am glad that I did. I am using it in a Kodak DC3900, and have had no problems. I also use a Viking CF PCCard adapter, and they all work fine together, with no problems that I have noted.


Kingston SDC/2GB-2P1A 2GB MicroSD Flash Card - Twin Pack One Adapter, 2 Piece (Black)
From Kingston Digital

Designed to expand the memory capacity of mobile phones, Kingston¿s microSD card provides the removable storage you need for today¿s feature-rich, multimedia mobile phones. This versatile card gives you room to store more music, movies, ring tones, video clips and games; real-time video and pictures to share with friends, family and colleagues; plus emails, calendars, to-do lists, phone books and other mobile applications. Kingston¿s microSD memory card is also the perfect solution when data needs to be moved between phones. If you¿re changing service or upgrading your handset, the microSD lets you easily transfer phone lists, settings or ring tones. Its ultra-small size consumes very little power from your handset, to give you longer battery life on your phone. At home, in the office, at the airport, in an Internet café or at school ¿ no matter where your mobile life takes you ¿ trust Kingston¿s microSD. All cards come with a lifetime warranty, 24/7 technical support and legendary Kingston reliability.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Kingston
  • Model: SDC/2GB-2P1A
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: 2.64" h x .35" w x .8" l, .0 pounds

One of the best buys ever!5
These micro sd cards were one of the best purchases I ever made. They were recognized quickly on all my electronic devices and the cards are not sensitive. Plenty of room for most users and the price was unbelieveable! I only wish this twin pack came in a 4GB pieces for more photos, music, pictures, files, videos, etc!


SanDisk SDSDB-1024-A10/11 1 GB Secure Digital Card (Retail Package)
From SanDisk

The SD memory card was designed by the consortium of Matsushita Electric (Panasonic), SanDisk and Toshiba and is now supported by the SD Association, an open industry standard organization comprised of over 500 members. The SD card is ideally suited to meet the demands of small portable devices that need high capacity flash memory in a very small size.

  • Brand: SanDisk
  • Model: SDSDB-1024-A10
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: .8" h x 1.26" w x .94" l, .0 pounds

SanDisk® Standard SD™ 1 GB Memory Card

Capture a memory each day—and get the most from your digital camera—using a SanDisk Standard memory card. Because memorable moments happen when you least expect them. Make sure you’re ready with a reliable card made by the pioneers of flash memory. Plus, SanDisk standard cards are built for real life—to handle its bumps and turns while capturing it in all its brilliance.

Maximize your camera’s performance
  • Keep shooting without fear of running out of space
  • Get dependable performance every time
  • Don’t come up short, store more photos and videos

*1 gigabyte (GB) = 1 billion bytes. Some capacity not available for data storage. **1 megabyte (MB) = 1 million bytes; X = 150 KB/sec; based on internal testing; performance may be lower depending on host device. ***Excludes Germany and other regions which do not recognize limited warranty.

Choose SanDisk, the minds behind flash memory
As the pioneers of flash memory, SanDisk is known all over the planet. Wherever people take pictures, listen to music, use cell phones—or do much of anything at all with digital devices—they’re likely to be using a SanDisk memory card. That’s because, after 20 years in the business, SanDisk has never stopped innovating.

So far so good. . . and I could afford a better camera!5
Been using my 1.0gb card for several days (taking pictures, loading onto computer, and Walmart photo machine, etc.). So far it's working like a charm. The great thing about cards like this is that it allowed me to buy a better camera - let me explain. . . Because the memory cards that come with cameras are only a little better than the "prop" tv's you see in furniture stores, it is important to consider the high cost of a "real" memory card when you decide to buy a digital camera. In other words, a lot of people may have to seriously consider buying a cheaper camera because of the high cost of memory cards, camera cases, batteries, etc. Fortunately, cards like this allow you to stretch your "camera" dollars. In my case, it allowed me to buy a Canon SD300 instead of the old, error-prone S410. With my SD300, a 4 megapixel, and with the 1.0gb Sandisk, I'm getting 487 pictures on the highest resolution. WOOHOO! The only other comment I have is that some retailers are offering $20 rebates on this card - check and for rebates. Why don't you have them, Amazon?

Price paid - $59

The Price I've Been Waiting For5
I have a Panasonic SV-AV100, a camcorder that uses flash instead of tapes. It's a wonderful, cigarette box sized camcorder the only downside of which needs a monster amount of memory. I finally purchased a Sandisk 1G after waiting and couldn't be happier. The read/write speeds are actually slightly better than my 512 Panasonic card and I have had no problems with computer recognition (running XP) or corrupt files which I've read happen to people from time to time.

I plan to purchase another on Amazon for my Treo so I can now use it as a serious MP3 player, storing roughly 300 songs. That's good enough for me...don't need to purchase an iPod for Christmas!

Kodak camera owners take note...5
IMPORTANT NOTE FOR KODAK CAMERA OWNERS: In July 2006, I replaced a SanDisk regular SD card like this one with a SanDisk Ultra II card for my Kodak DX7590, because I was hoping that it would allow my camera to write high-quality 5MP pictures faster. But to my surprise, it timed exactly the same. So I emailed Kodak, and this was their response: "We appreciate your interest in high speed memory for your digital camera. Our cameras are designed to operate, write and read SD cards at set voltage speeds. Therefore, there is no advantage to using faster memory in Kodak cameras."

So if you use a Kodak dock or USB cable to transfer images from a Kodak camera to your computer, this standard SanDisk card is all you need...there's no advantage to paying extra for a high-speed card like the Ultra II. However, if you use a card reader to get images from the SD card to your computer, then it might be worthwhile to pay a little more for the Ultra II since read and write speeds through the card reader could be substantially faster.

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