SanDisk 32GB Extreme III - Compact Flash memory card - (SDCFX3-032G-P31, Retail Packaging) - NEW 30MB/s version
From SanDisk

SanDisk Extreme® III CompactFlash memory cards are the perfect choice for people who are serious about their photography, including first-time DSLR owners. The latest SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash cards offer faster performance than ever before (30MB/s*) when shooting, viewing, and transferring photos. They feature extra silicon for durability; and professional-level services that have become synonymous with the SanDisk Extreme product family. CompactFlash is the number one memory format choice for professional photographers, since it offers the best in performance, capacity, and durability. And, the SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash cards are the first professional-level memory cards from SanDisk to be made available to general retailers.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDCFX3-032G-P31 Hard Disk: 32GB

Expensive but worth it Just as the title says, it is expensive, but worth it. Newer cameras take up more and more space. If you shoot RAW with a 12 mpix camera, you might consider this card. As for customer service, I've had a SanDisk card go bad (An 8 GB, not this 32GB one) and got a replacement quickly. Fast even for RAW Images via a Nikon D300 This is one of several SanDisk Extreme cards I have purchased over the years. The card works great and gives me upwards of 3,000 Fine quality large JPEG files and over 1,500 Camera RAW files and they move quick on shoots and even with downloading I feel they transfer quickly. As for cost it is not cheap but at the same rate if you do allot of photographing or shoot in RAW format this is a great card as it gives you the space to shoot yourself silly without running out of space. I always have backup cards with me too. It quickyl formats in your device as well and very easy to do. I recommend it for folks who need space and who want quick movement btwn shots and for file transfers.

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