Transcend - Flash memory card - 16 GB - 600x - CompactFlash

Dedicated to fulfilling the demanding requirements of performance-conscious photographers, Transcend proudly releases its Extreme Plus 600X CompactFlash card with Turbo MLC technology. This 600X CF card raises the bar with blazing fast transfer speeds, which makes it the ideal choice for professional photographers and enthusiasts who use high end digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras.

1 shot per second after buffer full on the 5D MARK II!5
I just bought the ultimate birder CF card!!!!

After you fill the buffer completely full on a 5D Mark II it will continue to shoot and record a steady 2 shots per second until the card is full.

That's right, over 500 shots on the 5D Mark II at two shots per second until full

Soon we will have cards where we no longer worry about the buffer!


I got tired of waiting on my camera to write to my card and waiting on my card reader to download to the computer and so looked around for something a little bit faster.

Using a firewire 800 reader the download speed that this card maintains to my Mac is amazing!

I highly recommend!

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