Kingston Elite Pro 8 GB 133x CompactFlash Memory Card CF/8GB-S2
From Kingston H. Corporation

8GB Elite Pro CompactFlash Card 133x 

  • Brand: Kingston
  • Model: CF/8GB-S2
  • Platform: Windows
  • Format: CD
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 5.50" h x .75" w x 4.50" l, .9 pounds

The newly redesigned Kingston CompactFlash Elite Pro offers a minimum sustained write speed of 133x. The Elite Pro is designed specifically to help advanced amateur or professional photographers get the best performance from their high-end imaging devices and applications.

No matter how fast you work, CompactFlash Elite Pro can keep pace. With ultra-fast transfer rates and up to 8 GB capacity, you can capture more continuous, high-resolution images in less time with the Elite Pro than with traditional CompactFlash memory cards. And when you need to transfer your largest files, your production workflow will be more efficient than ever. The Kingston 8 GB Elite Pro CompactFlash card is backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Quick, compatible, inexpensive.5
This card was quickly shipped. It works flawlessly in my Nikon D200 digital camera. It is fast, and easily keeps up with the frame rate of my D200. I will probably buy a second one as backup.

Great card! Fast speed!5
This is my second kingston compactflash card (another one is 4gb cf). Kingston never lets me down. It works great! Speed is very fast! There are faster CF cards available on the market, but if you want to use the cf cards on digital cameras, you don't really need faster (than 133x kingston) cards. NO camera can take advantage of the faster cards yet. Anyway, this is perfect for digital camera (Dslr).

Fast processer, sturdy product. 4
I'm a pro photographer.
This product came quickly, as is always needed for me. With my 40D this product processes images as quickly as I need to cover weddings and sporting events.

With this card on Raw I can get at least 750 images.

When shooting in "large" format choice, I can get at least 1500.
Since the sensor shows 999 remaining and I download after each shoot, it may be able to hold a greater amount.

For anyone shooting photos with a camera less than 10Megs, the number of files on this card for you would be tremendous, and more than you need.
Keeping too many of your prized family photos on a card and not downloading is not such a good idea....

Sturdy product. Would certainly recommend.

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