2GB Kingston Mini Secure Digital Sd Memory Card
From Kingston

Rely on Kingston's miniSD cards to maximize the performance of your feature-rich mobile device. Easy to handle, these cards are an exceptional boost to the latest mobile phones, PDAs, MP3s, digital cameras and other devices that can benefit from additional storage capacity.
Brand: Kingston

Good card -- poor adapter We are currently deploying 50+ PDA Phones that use miniSD cards. After buying 5-6 Kingston cards of various capacities, I've now had 2 of the SD adapters that do not work, right out of the box. Regardless of the position of the 'lock' switch on the adapter, my system tells me that the media is write protected. After the first bad adapter I called Kingston and they gladly replaced it but it took about a week to arrive and I'm in Southern California, just like Kingston. Works great! No problems! Works great- for a lower cost card! I use these all the time :)

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