Lexar Media XD256-231 256 MB xD-Picture Card (Retail Package)

256MB xD-Picture Cards
Brand: Lexar Model: XD256-231 Original language: English Dimensions: .25" h x 5.75" w x 9.00" l, 9999.00 pounds

Great Value I bought this card for my Fuji A210 4 megapixel camera to use on a trip to Disneyland. I set the camera to the best resolution (all 4 megapixels) and I was able to take 337 pictures, there was still room on the card for 64 more pictures, according to my camera display. I was able to take pictures all week without having to worry about downloading them to a computer. Also, I was able to get 8 X 10 prints that were excellent quality, and the standard size prints were also perfect. I highly recommend this picture card to anyone who wants to be able to take a lot of high quality pictures without paying the price for a Fuji or Olympus card. Beware of picture and description not being what gets sent I needed an XD card that is NOT M or H type, because my camera unfortunately does not accept the newer cards. I found this and ordered, but was sent an M type, even though the picture and description are not M type. The vendor refunded my purchase price but not the return shipping as promised. Lexar Media, always great Needed a replacement card for my Olympus Camera. This card performs well, and doesn't corrupt easily.

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