HP 8 GB Class 4 microSDHC Flash Memory Card L1885A-EF
From hp

Maximize your mobile entertainment with 8GB of Micro SDHC flash storage from HP, one of the brands that US households trust. For Micro SDHC capable devices such as smartphones, camcorders and laptops, 8GB of storage allows you to store more music, games, and video when you're on the go. HP's 8GB Micro SDHC card comes with an SD adapter, allowing you to use your Micro SDHC card as a full-size SDHC card for use in a wide range of SDHC capable devices. The card also features a Class 4 rating with a 4MB/s write speed. HP - Products that factor in improving the experience in and around your digital lifestyle. Please verify that your device such as cellular phone or digital camera supports SDHC cards. SDHC cards are not compatible with standard SD host devices and card readers, and will only work on SDHC host devices. Check with your device manufacturer to see if the device supports SDHC before purchase.
Size: 8 GB Brand: HP Model: L1885A-EF Original language: English Dimensions: .50 pounds

Works well in BlackBerry 8900 I am using HP 8 GB Class 4 microSDHC Flash Memory Card (L1885A-EF) in my BlackBerry 8900. The card was immediately recognized by the BlackBerr, formatting went without a problem, and the card functions properly. BlackBery sees 7.3GB of available memory on the card. This card is exactly what I wanted. good purchase I bought 2 8gb cards to fit in photofast memory stick pro duo adapter and pop it up in my psp, so far so good works absolutely fine off course faster than class 2. Great Product Great amount of space for a very low price. I use it for my Blackberry Curve 8900.

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