A-DATA MICRO SD 1GB with Micro Reader (microSD+USB interface)
From Adams New Media

Designed for microSD, the most popular card type used on mobile phones, A-DATA now gives you the tiniest microSD card reader on the market! With its unique USB interface, the A-DATA micro Reader can be used directly as USB reader. Once you insert the card into the Reader, the data can be promptly transferred between devices through its USB interface. A-DATA micro Reader is a revolutionary product, which equipped with convenience and smart features that can meet all users' enquiries and upgrade our digital lives.
Amazon Sales Rank: #68675 in Consumer Electronics Brand: A-DATA Model: microSD 1G+microReader Dimensions: .7" h x .47" w x .87" l, .0 pounds

Tiny, fast, durable, and hard to get out of the case. Still one of the top-five smallest drives on the market, faster than any other MicroSD drive that I've used so far, and both drive and case are remarkably durable and capable of surviving for some time on a keychain. The case, by the way, is made of a gummy rubber which clings to its contents, so make sure you don't insert it card-first or the card will come out and get stuck inside. This DOES improve over time, but if you need fast or frequent access to your drive you should look at one of the models with a built-in sheathe that simply slides over the USB connector. It's also evidently true that Amazon's stock is entirely hot pink, so don't buy this model if you're straight, male, and insecure. Great Product but it's PINK Don't make the same mistake I did. This reader is super tiny, barely larger than the micro sd card. However, it seems amazon only carries the pink version.

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  1. gravatar lclemens Says:

    i love these - i have 3 different types of usb micro sd readers on my keychain and i use this one far more often than the others because it can easily be detached from the keychain. it keeps you from hanging your entire keychain from the back of your computer and if you loan it to someone you don't have to give them your keys or spend forever trying to detach it from the keyring. too bad A-Data discontinued them, i wish A-Data would bring them back!!

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