SanDisk Extreme III - Flash memory card - 2 GB - CompactFlash
From SanDisk

SanDisk Extreme III CompactFlash is designed exclusively for the high-end, professional photographers who work under extreme conditions and expect the very best in products and support services.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDCFX3-2048-902 Dimensions: .39" h x .39" w x .39" l, .22 pounds

Best value card in my opinion I use these cards exclusively now in my Nikon D200. Shooting a soccer game recently in continuous high speed mode this card had zero problems keeping up with the action while my older cards would choke up after 5 images and prevent me from shooting. I've only used the 2GB variety of this card, but I would recommend any Extreme III card, i'm thinking about picking up some of the SD type for my D50. Extremely fast! SanDisk Extreme III is probably the best compact flash you can get. With write speeds of 20MB per second, there is literally no wait time at all. I shoot with a Nikon D70S and it has been fantastic! Well worth the money! SanDisk EX III CF 2GB from Review I am a previous owner of this same product and was previously aware of the quality and performance of the product. The merchandise was new as advertised and I have tested all four items and found them to be perfect. I will use them as both efilm in my digital cameras and as media to transfer data between my computers. This media approach is much more appropriate than using a 1.44MB floppy disk, a CD or a DVD. I also have made many pleasant purchases with Amazon and this one was no exception. Quality merchandise at an affordable price is the norm at S. Schaefer

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