Viking Components SD1GB 1 GB Secure Digital Card
From Viking Components

Viking InterWorks' SD cards can be used in any device that requires the robust security features that this standard offers. The SD form factor represents the smallest, secure flash memory card in the consumer market today and is flexible for applications ranging from MP3 players to PDAs to digital cameras. Combined with low power draw and the highest capacities available, Viking SD cards are the best option available for taking your digital files with you anywhere.
Brand: Viking Model: SD1GB

Good Solid Digital Card... No Complaints. I go out I take tons of pictures I come home and download the pictures from my Kodak 5MP camera into my computer for editing before I have them printed out. This card never disappoints and holds tons of pictures. I liked the quality and storage of their 128KB and 512KB version so much when I wanted more space I had to pick the 1 GB version. I trusted the quality of this brand of card so much I brought 2 1 GB cards and they did not disappoint me. The cards both work like a charm. The pictures are fine. The camera writes to the card quickly. The card formats in almost no time at all. The 1 GB card exceeds my photograph needs. I am no photographer just an old disabled dude with a love of taking pictures. These 1 GB cards are so big I can concentrate on taking the highest quality pictures my camera supports and not worry about how much space I have left. These Cards offer freedom of expression because they let you get into tune with and become one with your art instead of worrying about silly things like space remaining. I think everyone should buy these cards because, having all the space is a very liberating experience and it fosters using your camera as a tool of exploration to capture moments in this fleeting thing we call human reality which is as it should be! Slip about six of these puppies into your pocket and you can go out for a day shooting everything in sight that strikes your photographic fancy. By and Enjoy these digital cards, I sure do! Acceptable speed with enough space Acceptable speed with enough space for this SD card, Viking's card is reliable and affordable. Never fail to deliver. recommended, also I only recommend cards that are below 1GB, since the bigger the capacity, the fast speed it needed to provide the flexibility. i.e., bigger size, you need faster speed to bring performance to the max in your Digital Cameras. sweet and nice price! I got this at Amazon for a great price. Its an sd card so how much can you say? It does what its supposed to do.

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