Lexar Media CF256-231 256MB Compactflash 4X (Retail Package)

Professionals know that a single image can be more valuable than all their equipment combined. To risk losing an award-winning image because of a hard disk failure or breakdown is unacceptable. Lexar Media CompactFlash solid-state design provides the ultimate reliability in harsh shooting environments, mandated by professionals throughout the world. And with built-in USB functionality you can quickly transfer your large images to your computer quickly and easily - up to 25 times faster than a serial cable connection - providing you more shooting time. You also save camera battery life by eliminating inconvenient tethered downloads.The Digital Film Compliance seal assures you that your Lexar Media digital film is 100% compatible with your CompactFlash digital camera. It can also be used in all other digital devices that support the CompactFlash format, such as PDAs, Video recorders, and MP3 players. All Lexar Media CompactFlash meets the CompactFlash Association's specifications and is marked with the CF+ symbol.
Brand: Lexar Model: CF256-231 Dimensions: 5.00" h x 2.00" w x 7.00" l, .15 pounds

Well worth buying I bought this same type of a CF card and took it on a trip, i took over 358 pictures and it never even filled up 75% of the space , i had to change my batteries about 6 times, i use the E/2 batts they are great but expensive.I highly recommend this product..

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