SanDisk 8GB Extreme III - SDHC Class 10 High Performance memory card (SDSDX3-008G-P31, Retail Packaging) - NEW 30MB/s edition
From SanDisk

With 30MB/s read/write speeds, you'll see it takes more than a great digital SLR camera to bring your ideas to life. Get exactly the shots you want with the professional-grade responsiveness of SanDisk Extreme® SDHC cards. You'll have room to capture it all in RAW+JPEG, and save the editing for later. Plus, you'll get faster photo and video transfers from camera to computer.

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #280 in Consumer Electronics
  • Brand: SanDisk
  • Model: SDSDX3-008G-P31
  • Dimensions: 1.10" h x 4.50" w x 6.70" l, 1.00 pounds

A fast card makes a difference for the right camera5
Watch Video Here: I have an Nikon D90. I purchased the 8G San Disc Extreme III card 30MB/S and a Transcend 16G class 6 card at the same time. The San Disc Extreme 3 card is incredibly fast. I get 100 pictures (4.5 frames per second) at fine resolution before the camera stops to buffer in 24 seconds. The Transcend card gets 17 photos on the same settings then pauses to buffer. If you have the camera that can take full advantage of this write speed this fast card is worth the investment. No more cringing while I wait for my camera to clear its buffer so I can take more pictures.

I like to shoot at 4.5 frames. It gives me a lot to pick through when I edit, but a lot can happen in a fraction of a second that can make a photo good or bad. Having the capability to hold down the shutter release and rattle off large bursts of photos is important to me.

I know this test is boring but it is a real world use test. I don't work for San Disc and would consider any other card with this write speed.

I have found that 8G is a good size for SLR Photography. In my opinion bigger cards are putting a lot of eggs in one basket.

If you have any questions or criticism please comment. I'll redo/repost the test if you can think of a way to make it better.

Repost 10-28-09

To respond to a request, I've changed the video today and included the test shooting in Raw mode. As you can see I'm not getting the 4.5FPS that I got in fine mode. I got 56 images in just under 24 seconds. This was about the same time that I shot 100 images in fine mode. Thank you for your suggestion. In my opinion this is a much better demonstration of the card's write speed.

Fast as the camera5
As an ex-Leica and former Nikon SLR user this is my first venture into the world of DSLR. For me, conventional film cameras are over.

I used this SanDisk card with a new NIkon D90 and 24mm-70mm lens. All of my photos are shot in RAW that generates large files. Simply put, it worked flawlessly. I shot multiple images at the frames per second capacity of the camera without a hitch or delay. As fast as I shot, the card handled it and never experienced a delay. Thus far, I have taken approximately 300 pictures.

Once I loaded the card into the Lexar reader ( USB 2.0 MULTI CARD) it downloaded very quickly on to my iMac (4 gigs of ram). My chosen software is Aperture from Apple. Aperture amazes me. Everything worked seamlessly and hassle free. Unless my files (newer camera in the future?) become significantly larger this card gets fives stars from me.

No regrets5
Works very well with my Canon Rebel T1i. Very fast and I don't get buffer bars when recording HD videos. This is a Class 10 SDHC and it really is worth every penny you pay for it. Frustration-free packaging is a BIG plus!

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