Kingston 4GB Micro-SD Card With SD and Mini-SD Adapters - Retail Package
From Kingston

The 4GB micro-SD Memory Kit from Kingston provides a single product with multiple adapters to be used in any SD, mini-SD or micro-SD slot in any SDHD-compatible device. The micro-SD Memory Kit provides a flexible solution for mobile users who need a card for multiple SD devices. This kit allows one product to be the solution for any SD, mini-SD or micro-SD based phone or device. Easily transfer, save, and enjoy your favorite content across multiple SD based devices with one card. Easy side-loading - On computers with full SD slots, you can side-load digital content by using the included SD adapter
Brand: Kingston Dimensions: .50 pounds Memory: 2GB Unknown Native resolution: 0

AWESOME DEAL! Purchased for cell phone, which plays music and videos - needed storage media for those downloads. Very impressed with the price! Also, great shipping time. Thanks. great The adapters work fine with the card, and the card works great! They came in two holders (one holder with the card and one adapter and the other holder with the 2nd adapter) not the holder that holds all three, as pictured, but everything came, everything works. Excellent Purchase My brother is a cellphone guru. He's wanted an adapter that can hold a lot of music and pictures but wouldn't break the bank. I purchased this adapter for him and he loves it! Very excellent price for all that you get!

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