SimpleTech STI-CF/128 128MB CompactFlash Card
From SimpleTech Technology

SimpleTech CompactFlash cards are the most popular form factor of flash storage used in embedded and consumer devices today. These removable, small factor cards are ideal storage solutions for digital cameras, MP3 players, PDAs, palmtops, handheld PCs, and various industrial applications such as single board computers, set-top boxes, and portable medical/diagnostic equipment. CompactFlash cards are about the size of a matchbook, weigh only half an ounce and can be used in PC Card slots by using a low-cost passive adapter. SimpleTech CompactFlash cards achieve sustained write speeds up to 1.5 Megabytes/second and burst speeds up to 8 Megabytes/second.

  • Size: 128 MB
  • Brand: SimpleTech
  • Model: STI-CF/128
  • Original language: English
  • Number of items: 1
  • Dimensions: 1.50" h x 5.25" w x 8.00" l, .3 pounds

SimpleTech CompactFlash cards allow you to take more pictures with your digital camera, increase the power of your PDA, and enjoy more music with your MP3 player. Compact and lightweight, they easily go where you go. In addition, CompactFlash cards have no moving parts, making them more rugged and dependable than hard drives.

Considering buying Simpletech, But According to Nikon.......5
After reading serveral posts about simpletech cards having trouble working in Nikon digital cameras, I decided to called Nikon myself. They told me, and this is from the horses mouth. That Simpletechs flash cards use a hitachi controller, the fastest one on the market today. These controllers don't work well with Nikon cameras because the hitachi controller writes the different parts of the image to the flash card simultaenously giving the card greater speed. But the contollers in the Nikon cameras do not write the image simlutaenously instead they write the image one piece at a time, this is slower, but it works according to Nikon. I then asked why other maunfacuters cards work with Nikon and they said that those manufactuers use their own controller tweeked to work with Nikon. The tech guy at Nikon happened to mention that Nikon will soon be introducing a new line of digital cameras with the new faster controller that will work fast and flawlessly with the simpletech cards. Lastly, he assured me that there is nothing wrong or inferior about Simpletech cards. I bought one after all!

There's my 2 cent to this playground argument!

Fast, Cheap, Dependable5
I bought this simpletech card after a very dissapointing exeperience with a 128 MB lexar card (the red labled one). The lexar was very slow in both picture taking and picture review modes on my Canon s200 Digital Elph.

This card is much faster then the above mentioned lexar card, and has proven to work pefectly in my camera. It is also one of the cheapest cards on the market, albiet prices are dropping everyday, so its hard to make such a sweeping statement.

If you own a Canon camera, and want a good, cheap, fast, dependable CF card, then the simpletech is a very good choice. Also keep in mind that simpletech cards come with a lifetime warranty versus limited year warranties of some other makers. This made me feel a bit better when purchasing such an inexpensive card.

Works for me5
I was a little nervous when I purchased this card, having seen some negative reviews here for it, but I used the discount that Simpletech offered with the purchase of a digital camera, here at Amazon, and instead of getting the free 32 MB, I went for the 128 MB. I am glad that I did. I am using it in a Kodak DC3900, and have had no problems. I also use a Viking CF PCCard adapter, and they all work fine together, with no problems that I have noted.

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