Patriot Signature 8 GB MicroSDHC Class 4 with Adapters PSF4GMCSDHC4
From Patriot Memory (Direct)

Patriot Signature Flash microSDHC Memory Card is designed to offer a convenient memory upgrade solution for mobile phones, digital cameras, digital music players and other devices that feature a microSDHC or full size Secure Digital High Capacity slot. It’s plug-n-play feature offer users easy installation and convenience. All microSDHC 3P product lines include 2 adapters which convert the microSDHC card into a full size miniSDHC and SDHC card.
Brand: Patriot Model: PSF4GMCSDHC43P Dimensions: 6.61" h x .63" w x 2.09" l, .4 pounds

Works well in my Moto Q9C Bought this for the mini-SDHC adapter. Works pretty well in my Moto Q9c. Haven't noticed any lag beyond the normal Windows Mobile interface. Also have used the regular adapter to plug into my media card reader on my Vista and XP desktops with no problems.

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