A-Data 16 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card 16GSDHC10 (Blue)
From A-Data USA

Turbo series SDHC Class 10 memory card. It supports the new SD Association’s new class 10 specification with a dramatic performance improvement in recording cameras on the market today. With high transfer rate of Class 10, the card enables digital camera users to easily capture sequential shots that used to be hard to catch due to the limitation of memory card speed. Seize the important moment by taking every single move sequentially Have you ever experienced the disappointment of missing an irreplaceable moment such as the first step of your child simply because your digital camera could not keep up with the act? Some consider DSLR the solution to the problem, yet the daunting price on DSLR makes it less accessible for entry-level users. With A-DATA Turbo series SDHC Class 10 performing at a transfer rate up to 22MBps on devices supporting SD v.3.0, one could seize these important moments by recording every single move. Enjoy complete satisfaction with HI-RES video shoot Besides the revolutionary improvement on sequential photo taking, the high transfer rate of class 10 also makes it possible to do video shooting at high resolution. No more diminished satisfaction caused by insufficient quality of video shoot with Turbo series SDHC 10. Users of digital cameras can now take high quality video at HD 1920x1080 resolution, which is impossible with the previous generation of SDHC. Available in 16GB, the Turbo series SDHC Class 10 memory card enables digital camera users to record every memorable image and comes with product lifetime warranty.
Color: Blue Brand: A-DATA Model: 16GSDHC10 Dimensions: 4.90" h x .50" w x 3.20" l, .5 pounds

First card works for 4 days only!! I received the card from Amzaon right on time before my cruise vacation with my family. The card worked well on the first 3 days and then on the 4th day, it ceased to work. I have tried to read the card off from other cameras and computer card reader without any success. All the 300+ pictures and video were gone and I was mad!!!!! Although Amazon quickly sent out the replacement card but now I am skeptical regarding the new card. I will let you know how is this new one holding up. Anyway, this is very low quality so far that I can tell. I have never had any problem with SD cards before but learned my lesson from this vendor that I need to back up my photos every night when I finish shooting for the day's activities. This really spolied our whole vacation with the kids and family. My advice to all buyers is to keep backing up the files from the card everyday. So your maximum lost is a day of work. It is very price attractive and there is nothing wrong with it until it broke. So just do our work and it will be OK. I am still skeptical that how long that they can last with its "life time warranty" on its product. Card failed after two weeks (UPDATE: TWO Cards Failed Now) Based on the other reviews of this product, it seems like there's a strong theme happenng here. My card worked fine for the first two weeks, then my camera started giving me long "busy" delay notifications between shots. The day after, no camera or reader could detect the card. Amazon quickly sent out a replacement, but why bother trying again? Think thrice before buying this item. UPDATE: So Amazon kindly sent me a replacement free of charge... and the replacement card FAILED AFTER THREE PHOTOS!!! I think it's pretty clear now that these cards should be discontinued and removed from the site. Junk The card failed in my Panasonic Gh-1 camera after just one day's use. A full day's photo shoot including video were lost. The one most important thing that an SD card must be is RELIABLE. Are you willing to take a chance with your valuable photos or data? By the way I have zero problems with Transcend and Sandisk cards.

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