Lexar Media 1 GB 80x Pro Series Compact Flash Card (CF1GB-80-380)

Lexar Media's Professional Series CompactFlash is designed to speed up image transfer times by taking advantage of a Digital SLR camera's high-speed processor. Capable of sustained write speeds of 12 mb per second, making the CompactFlash cards ideal for any photographer who demands optimal performance from the card and camera they use.Write Acceleration Technology (WA) allows digital cameras and CompactFlash cards to work together perfectly to pass and store images more quickly and achieve image-write speeds never before possible.
Brand: Lexar Model: CF1GB-80-380 Original language: English Dimensions: 1.25" h x 4.00" w x 6.00" l, 1.00 pounds
Keep Shooting! Lexar Media's Professional Series CompactFlash are ideal for any photographer who demands optimal performance from both the memory card and digital camera they use. Our 80X write speeds are designed to speed up image capture times by taking advantage of a Digital SLR camera's high-speed processor. Capable of sustained write speeds of 6 MB per second, making our 80X CompactFlash a top choice among professional photographers. Features: 80X Professional CompactFlash with Write Acceleration technology Bundled with Image Rescue 2.0 & 30 day Trial of Photo Mechanic 4.3 Ideal for digital cameras with 5 megapixels and above 100% camera compatibility guaranteed 12 MB/sec minimum sustained write capability Professional-level durability for shooting in harsh conditions Advanced Features: Image Rescue 2.0 Software Recovers lost or deleted digital photos including JPEG, TIFF and RAW from your memory card or JumpDrive even if you have erased them, reformatted them, or if your memory card or JumpDrive has been corrupted** Scans every sector on your memory card or JumpDrive, reports any hardware errors found and repairs any file system errors detected. Formats and permanently deletes all files on your memory card or JumpDrive Install files located on your JumpDrive Photo, simply connect your JumpDrive to your computer and copy the Image Rescue Folder to your desktop. **Image recovery is not 100% guaranteed. Performance: Sustained write capability (host to flash) 1X=150KB/sec. 40X=6.0MB/sec., 80X=12MB/sec. Start-Up Time (sleep to read/write): 10 m/sec. Power Requirements: Voltage 3.3V ± 5% or 5V ± 10% High Performance Read Current 65mA at 5V; 50 mA at 3.3V rms High Performance Write Current 65 mA at 5V; 50mA at 3.3V rms Physical Specifications: Length 1.433 in (36.4 mm) - Type I Width 1.685 in (42.80mm) - Type I Height 0.130 in (3.30 mm) - Type I Environmental Specifications: Shock 50Gs @ 11ms Vibration 15 Gs peak to peak Operating temperature 0º C to 60º C Non-operating temperature -20º C to 85º C Humidity 5% to 96% Certifications: FCC part 15, VCCI, CE Warranty: This product is backed by a lifetime limited customer-satisfaction warranty
Works well but Write Acceleration Technology may not be used This Compact Flash card works very well with my Canon EOS 20D but I found out (Lexar's web site) that Lexar's Write Acceleration Technology is not supported by Canon (at least not officially). So may be for Canon camera's owners it's not worth buying the 1GB 80x card when the 1 GB 40x would suffice. Good quality, quick picture saving... I recently purchased the Nikon D70 camera, and this was the CF card I selected for it. It works wonderfully, and I have found that the 80x write acceleration really does make a difference; as compared to non-write accelerated cards. With this card, I am basically able to do a continuous shoot at the largest jpeg quality (not RAW) and have the card record them almost as fast as I shoot. About the only thing odd I found about the card is that there is included software with it, and the software only appears on the memory card. So if you want to get the full storage potential out of the card, you need to first either format (and lose the software), or hook the card up to a PC and copy it off. Annoying. Regards, -Tammie DO NOT BUY THIS CARD! If you own a Canon camera, Canon does NOT support WA (Write Acceleration) feature of Lexar's high-speed cards: http://www.lexar.com/digfilm/wa_cf.html Current camera partners supporting Write Acceleration Technology: -Kodak Professional -Nikon -Sanyo -Sigma -Pentax -Olympus

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