Kingston Mobility Kit - 8 GB microSDHC Flash Memory Card with SD and miniSD Adapters + USB 2.0 Reader MBLY/8GB (Black)
From Kingston Digital, Inc.

This all-in-one media kit combines a single card with dual adapters and a USB card reader to give mobile users the compatible storage they need for all SD and USB-compatible devices, including mobile phones, digital cameras, notebooks, media players and more. By offering three adapters with the microSD card as the centerpiece, users get the most versatile mobile gear. The card seamlessly converts to a Secure Digital (SD), miniSD or USB format that can be used across devices to easily move photos, music, videos or data to your camera, mobile phone or computer. Ultra-portable and multifunctional ¿ Use the microSD card alone for plenty of removable storage for music, games, ring tones, photos, movies and other applications on mobile phones. ¿ Slip the microSD card into the miniSD adapter and transform it into a miniSD storage card to expand storage on personal media players, smartphones or MP3 players. ¿ Capture photos from your digital camera by making the microSD a full-size SD card with the adapter and then view images with SD-enabled readers or USB drives, digital photo frames or on your TV¿s SD slot. ¿ Quickly and easily save files on a notebook computer with a full-size SD slot when the SD adapter is used with the microSD card. The kits are available with a stylish black USB microSD card reader and either a 1GB microSD card, 4GB microSDHC or 8GB microSDHC card or a red card reader combined with a 2GB microSD card. And with the included keychain, you can hang it from your phone for the one bundle solution to complement your mobile lifestyle. The kits are backed by a two-year warranty on the reader, a lifetime warranty on the microSD card, and legendary Kingston reliability, service and support. Store your entire mobile life ¿ photos, songs, text messages, video clips and personal information on your microSD card, then work with it across device platforms seamlessly with the versatile Kingston Multi-Kit/Mobility Kit at your fingertips.

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: Kingston
  • Model: MBLY/8GB
  • Original language: English
  • Dimensions: .30" h x 1.29" w x .60" l, .15 pounds
  • Hard Disk: 8GB

Handy Product5
Having multiple personal data devices from Cell Phones using the Micro SD format, MP3 Players and cameras using the Mini and full-size SD format, and a new HD Camcorder using the Full size SDHC format, I was looking for a solution that could handle all three formats. This does that nearly perfectly. Would have been perfect if the USB MicroSDHC reader could read the larger Mini and Full size SD formats but that's a minor issue. What you get is a small carrying case for the 8GB Micro SDHC Class 4 chip that also carries the included separate adapters to read that chip in either Full Size SDHC or Mini SDHC or USB 2.0 format. The USB adapter doesn't fit in the included case and doesn't have a cover for the USB port itself but does have a cover for the Micro SDHC Chip. I'd recommend checking for lint/dirt regularly in the USB socket if you're going to attach the USB reader to something you carry in a pocket via the included and assembled short attachment string with ring for a keychain. The string is about 4cm in length. The attachment ring has an approximate 7mm inside diameter and is a typical keychain 2 turn coil of spring wire so it can be attached like a normal keyfob device or perhaps to the carrying strap of a typical Point and Shoot digital camera.
The 8GB microSDHC chip, placed in the Full-Size SDHC adapter, works in My Canon HF100 Camcorder.
Overall a handy little product at a reasonable price that gives me a lot of versatility in dealing with my family's many portable memory devices.

Tiny but Complete4
Overall, a great micro drive with the best USB reader I've seen; but I do have two wishes. They may be small wishes (not involved with the operational aspects of the micro drive), they would help with the day-to-day usefulness.
I bought this 8G micro flash drive for my new phone. I've used the USB drive to download music to it and then played the music on my phone. I've also loaded photos and songs with it installed in my phone using the USB cable that comes with the phone. Both work very well.
I will say that it is small as all micro flash drives are. The small lip on the end is all that makes it possible to get it into the slot in my phone and back out (see my wish below). Likewise, the USB reader takes nibble fingers but that's the nature of using a micro drive. I actually like the small USB drive because it makes it easy to carry it around in my book bag.
I wish two things:
The cover slides off and is held in place by the ring on the end of a string. It will still work if the string breaks and the cover gets lost, but this could be designed a little better - even a more sturdy string would help. My other wish is that the lip on the end of the micro were a little easier to grab with your fingernail; it feels a little to round.

Overheats and kills itself1
I got one of these and quickly noticed that it got quite hot when using it. Sure enough, it died within a couple months, having only been used a few times.

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