Transcend - Flash memory card ( microSD to SD/mini SD adapters included ) - 2 GB - microSD

Tiny size, better performance and impressively fast data transfer speeds, make Transcend's microSD cards the perfect choice of Memory Card for use in the next generation of mobile phones.
Brand: Transcend Model: TS2GUSD-2 Platform: Windows Format: CD Dimensions: .4" h x .59" w x .43" l, .0 pounds Memory: 2GB

memory for my Sansa My micro sd 2gb memory card works great. The adaptors that came with it were a blessing, I had not thought about how I was going to load songs onto it, but the adaptors made it a snap. Unfortunatly, my Sansa take's a couple min to read the card every time I turn it on. Works with Canon HG10 and AT&T Tilt I can move still pictures back and forth from my Canon HG10 HD Video Camera (Mini SD) and my AT&T Tilt (Micro SD) No problems so far. Works great, except one eensy thing. This product is 2 gigs of greatness. The only reason I didn't give it that extra star is this fact: It does not want to work in multiple devices. For example, I saved some songs on it from my phone. Next. I attempted to use it in my camera, via the adapter. The adapter part worked fine, but my camera wanted to reformat it (erase all the data). So I am only limited to my phone.

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