BlueProton USB 2.0 6-in-1 Single Slot Memory Card Reader Writer for SD SDHC MiniSD MMC rsMMC (BLACK)
From BlueProton

The BlueProton USB 2.0 6in1 Card Reader/Writer is a high speed device that will enable you to quickly transfer photos and other digital files from a variety of flash memory card formats. Compatibility includes SD, SDHC (high capacity 4GB), miniSD, miniSDHC, MMC, rsMMC.
Amazon Sales Rank: #221 in Consumer Electronics Brand: BlueProton Model: BPSDRBLK

BlueTron a true rip off, free with a SDHC card then charge $16 I have ordered two 4gb SDHC cards and this was a special offer(free) to go with it. When I checked them out, they charged $16 for s/h. Then I realized that it wasn't free after all. Last time I shopped the similar one, they offered the blue card reader, with a red LED light that shows the transfer of your files to USB port. This black one does not have that simple feature. This one or the blue one, while plugged into USB, the cap is being separated and hence very easy to be missing. When I contacted BlueTron to explain about the overcharge, they ignored my question for 14 days, and, when I left a negative feedback to their profile, they wrote me back, still refusing to explain why but to simply ask me to return them if it was faulty. I never said neither item was faulty. It shows how poor they run their business. Don't get fooled like I did. Spend money for something better, not for this deceptive freebie offer. Works ... I received this card reader bundled "for free" with a class 6, 8 GB Sandisk SDHC card. I've used it successfully with my 512 MB to 2 GB standard SD cards, as well as 4 GB to 8 GB SDHC cards, each one a different brand. I haven't used it that many times, so I can't comment on durability. It seems to work as advertised, although I must admit I was skeptical when I first added it to my cart as a freebie. Ok if free or cheap, works but has design problems I got this as "freebie" with a 16GB card. Mine has the red "working light", which is handy to remind me I've got a removable device attached. Vista reacts a bit strangely to it with requests to "insert media", but if you ignore that (like you ignore most of Vista's overkill granny messages), it works fine as a removable drive. (I don't swap cards when it is in the laptop, so don't know if that in fact works.) Mostly use it with the same card in it. Seems to be quite fast and reliable. However, like others, I'm a bit queasy about the construction: the plastic case is extremely thin; if you even lightly pinch the case in the middle over the circuitry, it gives and "crackles". The edges where the caps fit and card is inserted are also very thin and look like they'd be easily chipped. The caps are easily lost/misplaced (I've had to search through the covers when using laptop in bed and absentmindedly put cap down on the bed instead of night table. Thankfully, I don't have a cat, which would probably think the cap was a great toy.) Also the caps pull off very easily; I keep the device in a small pocket in my laptop case, and sometimes the cap comes off when I pull the device out and it happens that I've only got hold of the cap. I also tend to try to insert it in the port upside down half the time. And it was just shipped in a light bubblewrap envelope, little protection considering how the thing probably wouldn't survive much pressure on the sides. Like other reviewers, I'm not impressed with the shipping practices. I might get another if it were a freebie again, and the shipping & handling weren't outrageous.

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