SanDisk Extreme IV - Flash memory card - 16 GB - CompactFlash (SDCFX4016G904)
From SanDisk

Finally, a card that can keep up with you! With a blindingly fast read/write speed of up to 45MB/second and a remarkably rugged design, the SanDisk Extreme IV CompactFlash memory card takes digital photography to a whole new level. No wonder professional photographers around the world have made SanDisk their preferred choice for high performance, reliability, and proven durability.
Brand: SanDisk Model: SDCFX4-016G-902 Dimensions: 1.63" h x 5.28" w x 5.28" l, .17 pounds

Fast, Sturdy Card. SanDisk's Reputation is Well-Earned. This is my first 16GB card. Previously I have stuck with cards no larger than 8GB, mainly because they are easier on the wallet (though the argument can be made that the 16GB cards are cheaper per GB) and because I am uncomfortable with such a large number of photos being housed on one card. Even with the 5D Mark II RAW files, we're talking 500-600 photos on a card, and with a single failure all of those photos could be gone. I don't mind carrying around a few more cards if I can minimize the lost data if this ever happens to me. But between a few Extreme III 8GB's, some Ultra II 8GB's, a couple of Lexar Pro 300x 8GB's, and a handful of Extreme III and Ultra II's between 256MB and 2GB, I have not had a single failure on any card yet, knock on wood. And I was about to embark on a photo-heavy trip with the 5D Mark II, so I ordered the 16GB before my flight, to add to my existing stash. This is a seriously fast card. As has been mentioned, according to the testing done by Rob Galbraith this is the fastest 16GB CF card out there, tied with the Lexar Pro 16GB in RAW transfer speed, and 1MB/sec faster than the Lexar in JPEG transfer speed. It tests slightly faster than my pair of Lexar Pro 300x 8GB cards in RAW transfer, but in real-world terms there is no noticeable difference. If you're upgrading from Extreme III's, you'll notice the difference: it's on the order of a 25% speed increase. Upgrading from the Ultra II's? That's somewhere around a 350% speed increase over the 8GB Ultra II!! If you can afford it, get it. You won't be disappointed. It works. It is fast. As of this writing, the fastest Compact Flash card on the market. It enables just about two photos per second using 5D Marks II in RAW + JPEG mode after the internal buffer has been exhausted. Great product It reads very quick. I can get 800+ RAW shots on my full frame camera with the 16gb card. I can do continuous shots just as fast in RAW as I would in JPEG. Make sure you get the sandisk extreme reader as well, the one that can read 45mb/s.

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